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  1. Hello everyone!

    I've already signed up on many other Magic Forums, namely SoMF, LMT etc.
    And I'm glad I found you guys :D

    I perform as a hobbyist, and I only perform Card Magic. I love imprompu, and normal card tricks. I avoid gimmicks as much as possible. I don't care if the trick requires a set up, but no dupes, gimmicks, etc.

    Cya! :D
  2. Hello welcome to the forums!!!...regarding what you said with gimmicks...believe me we ALL hated gimmicks and ran to the fun easy impromptu card effects like Biddle and ACR, however you will find there are effects that get untouchable reactions that require gimmicks and duplicate cards. For example, ACAAN, torn and restored card, and most popular gimmick deck the "INVISIBLE DECK". Trust cannot live off of only impromptu card tricks.....anyways welcome aboard!!!
  3. Thank you very much for the warm welcome, and for your suggestions :D

    Looking forward to meet you :D
  4. Everyone hates on gimmicks....I love gimmicks, there fun and decieving.
  5. Why?

    (word count)
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    Aren't those forums the ones that teach other people's marketed effects without permission?
  7. Did not notice that.. but yes they are.
  8. Yeah they are :D
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    Quite pleased with that are you? You're not going to make a lot of friends here. Also, are you going to answer my question or not?
  10. This guy seems wonderful after dealing with mr. presidigitation. In all seriousness, that's not a very good community for a magician to join, much less be proud of joining. Besides the damage it does to our art and its reputation, it also takes away from all the hard work the original artist put into his effect.
  11. Guys, I'm not pleased about anything. LMT and SoMF reveal effects, so what? This forum is different, so I'll follow the rules of this forum. Every forum has different rules, like this, LMT and SoMF.

    And one of the members here asked me, Why don't I like gimmicks? The reason being, I like to keep things impromptu. If I use a gimmick, at the end of the trick, it is unlikely that the spectator will be allowed to examine the cards. And the most frequent question asked before and after the trick, imo is "Can I examine the deck of cards".

    Cheers, CardTrickster :D
  12. If that is your most frequent question then you are doing it wrong. Your problem is not the fact that you can't hand out the deck, but that people are asking you that in general. With good presentational skills or even just natural looking sleights, it should not be a problem. As to your first point, forum's like that are a serious problem for the magic community at large, hence the reason we have rules against that type of behavior here. It is not a matter of opinion, It's an agreed upon fact by the greater magic community. By being a part of those forums, not only are you most likely exposing magic, your also supporting those forums existence in the first place.
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    Aside from the fact that they're not supposed to do that? The fact that it's mostly populated by hacks and wannabes and learning from them is going to make you just as useless as they are. I've said it before and I'll say it again: YouTube tutorials are to learning magic what a Swiss army knife is to open heart surgery.

    If you want to be a hack, by all means continue to associate with those forums. If you actually want to be good at what you do, listen to me.

    Then you're not a very good showman. You present your magic as a puzzle to be solved, not a mystery to be enjoyed. And don't try to disagree with me on this one. I've seen a million other beginners just like you, and the story is always the same. You are not going to be the exception to the rule.

    Every sleight of hand purist gives me the same old song and dance. Your tissue-thin excuses are either going to cause you to get frustrated and quit or you are eventually going to realize what a ridiculous argument the anti-gimmicks stance is and embrace a more balanced approach. Because kid, I will tell you for free and without ego that if it came down to you with sleight of hand or me with an invisible deck, I would win the crowd over every time.
  14. That's the reason I'm here :) To learn to be a better performer. Also how many registered members do we have?

    Cheers, CardTrickster :D
  15. And that will happen much faster when you ditch the boat anchor of those other forums and stop learning your magic from talentless hacks who have never performed for anything besides their webcams.
  16. Hmmm...

    Why are you guys so against SoMF and LMT. I have nothing against neither of the 2 forums, including this one. Can you give a good reason on why you think this way? Also have you even signed up on either of the 2 forums?
  17. if you hate gimmicks then do not buy tool by david stone, the deck and the box can not be examined and the gimmick falls apart really easily. like you I prefer impromptu effects, but not all gimmicks are bad :)
  18. I do not have an account on either one, because if I did, I would be the smartest person in the room. I don't like that. Those forums are a cesspool of wannabes and nevergonnabes. They're talentless hacks engaged in a circlejerk of self-delusion. On their best day, not one person there can out-perform me on my worst day. Unlike those webcam jockeys, I actually perform for live audiences and dedicate myself to a serious study of not just magic technique, but the history of the art as well, performance theory, theatricality, psychology, philosophy, literature, film, and music. There's nothing to be gained there except a handful of sleights exposed to you in an incompetent fashion by equally incompetent YouNoobs.

    That's why these people expose so much. They're still stuck on the delusion that the reason they don't have a Vegas show yet is because they don't know enough material. Which is bull**** because they're so uninteresting they would have to set themselves on fire before an audience would give them the time of day, and that's assuming that there isn't something more interesting nearby, like a dog or a cloud that looks like something dirty.

    So I will ask you: Can you give me one good reason that I would have anything to gain by signing up with those wankers?
  19. For you there is not much reason to sign up on SoMF, but for me there is. Because I signed up on SoMF to improve my performance style, presentation skills, and audience management skills.

    Not everyone are Noobs on those forums. Some people, namely MagiKen are over the top generous, nice, and great showman.

    Another thing, you sound like a Pro Magician. You read history, lecture notes, literature, watch videos, music, and etc. I bet I can learn a whole lot from ONLY you.

    Can you help me increase/get better at my performance style, presentation skills, and audience management skills. As well as my entertainment value.
  20. Which you're not going to learn there. Exposure forums do not attract the best of the best because they have better things to do with their time. You'll hit the glass ceiling of what they can teach you before the year is over.

    There are others as well. Craig Browning for example has been performing professionally longer than I've been alive.

    But if you want to improve, you need to read more. You need to go to an acting class. You need to stop watching exposure videos and just go out and perform. There's no greater crucible than live audiences. If you want specific advice, you need to tell us what you already know and where you want to go with this.

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