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  1. Hey everyone. Now, I know I'm probably going to get bashed for this, but that's fine. I'm not really sure if Raiker and the other mods will consider this real advertising. This is technically advertising, but I'd rather it not come off that way (even though I really am without sort of meaning to if that makes sense).

    The last several weeks, my good friend Shane Black was out in Ohio filming for Papercrane Magic. My reaction to finding this out was "The best part about working with these big companies is that you get the badass shots of you with electric guitar in the background. That's good enough of a reason for me to work for them. I look forward to seeing your previews Shane, so that way they can show a badasss shot of you looking into the sky making it seem like you are a better person than everyone else." ;)

    Anyway, the effects from what I understand that Shane is releasing is A+ material. He just launched his first product with Papercrane last night called Sweetly Done. I saw this effect in a video chat about a year ago via web cam and it fooled the crap out of me. It's incredibly practical and is very much hard hitting. When I learned the method to this a few days after learning, I went "SHAZAM!" because it really is that awesome. Check it out at

    So I hope you can all join me in congratulating Shane on all the hard work he's done these last several weeks. While his first release is an instant download (AN AWESOME ONE), he'll have some DVD projects coming very soon I believe. I think you will really enjoy his material. Shane is one of the most creative guys I have come to know and is a brilliant performer.

    Congrats on the success.

  2. Wow! Thank you Doug I didn't expect a thread made just on me but thank you for all the support really. I would hope that T11 members would embrace me more then they would condemn me. I have been an avid member here since those late nights trying to solve the everlasting question "What is Theory11?".

    I have made contributions over and over here and I have learned more from you guys here then any other magic resource on the net to date and I want to thank the members here for without you guys stimulating the creative process in me then I wouldn't be blessed with the opportunities I have today so thank you T11 and hope the best for all of you guys.

    Dream big.

  3. Congratulations Shane and looking forward to your material.

    Best to your success.
  4. Once again...Congrats Shane. You headed to Magi-Fest in Columbus Ohio in Feb.?
    Eric Jones, Garcia, and a few others are going to be lecturing and doing close up.
  5. I'll be there thats the plan I may compete if I have the chance depends on if there is enough time between running the Papercrane booth and lectures. Eric Jones is insane with coins and a little birdie told me he has a big big project coming.

    Thanks again.
  6. Alright man. I will finally get to meet you then because I'm headed there will Ed Ellis. He is a good guy but I know you disliked his material....ha ha. No biggee.
  7. No I was only joking about that. lol Ed's got decent material.:)

    Look forward to being there.
  8. Eds there every year and he is very entertaining and I always found him to be a really cool guy. He has some serious chops and he's from Ohio so he has a lot of good things going for him.
  9. Yes...Ed is a great guy. He lives 2 minutes from me. I take a card lessons from him about twice a month. He is a little scattered brained at times but his close up card work is up there with the best of them.
  10. Congrats Shane!
    Best wishes!
  11. I appreciate it Danny it's been a long time good to see you around again. Sweetly Done is now available and I just got word that pre-sales for "The Pandora System" will be readily available toinight around 11pm Eastern time. Peace!
  12. This should be in product reviews...

  13. LOL! <333 Michael.

  14. I agree.

  15. Congrats, hope to see your stuff soon!
  16. It's already available. ;) Sweetly Done is already out and the Pandora System is available for pre-order.

  17. Guys,

    I went ahead and moved this to the Product Questions forum - so feel free to ask any questions about Shane's releases right here. We support his stuff 100%; extremely creative.

    Wish you the best on your current and future releases Shane!
  18. Man you guys are great. Thank you for the support and kind words I'm used to torches and pitch forks. lol But really thank you and I look forward to finally sharing all my hard work with the theory11 community and breathing life into each and every one of my effects.;)

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