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  1. Hey Guys,

    I recently created a new trick that i wanted to share on here and get your opinions about. I will post a video of it when i get a camera but here is the description. Could you please give me your ideas about the trick.

    -The trick involves a Rubiks Cube and a Deck of Cards.

    The spectator selects a card at random and places it back into the deck. You hand the deck back to the spectator to shuffle the cards. You then have the spectator mix up the rubiks cube as much as they want. I then tell the spectator to count the seconds out loud as i solve the rubiks cube. For each second the spectator deals down one card. Once the rubiks cube is solved they stop dealing and the card that they stop at is the chosen card!

    If you have any questions about effect please ask! What do you guys think?
  2. it seems like an interesting trick but have you performed it on the street?
  3. I have performed it for family and some friends. It works really well, but it still needs a ton of work!
  4. Street is not the only environment to perform...

    Having said I believe the trick to actually have potential...sounds a little bit complicated, but I feel this could be done in a stage environment where everybody counts the moves and the dealt cards...find a good patter...good luck!!
  5. so will each deal be a move you make?

    I ask this b/c I know how to solve the cube the old or long way and it takes me 1 minute and 23 seconds to solve. If the spectator deals without the moves then you have about 30 sec. to solve it maybe a few more. Now if it's 1 deal per move I still am impressed b/c that means you can solve the cube in less than 52 moves. You must have a good method to solving the cube then.

    PM if you want :)
  6. There are a few problems with it, however it does have potential.

    The first one is that in the heat of performance solving the cube in under 52 seconds can be difficult. Secondly it ranges the card into the 30 - 52 positions whilst that is fine it sort of detracts from the CAAN / ACAAN plot. In your handling I assume that you need to contral the selected card to a known posistion, if the spectator can mix the cube as much as they like they have to be able to shuffle the cards as much as they like (this is not debatable). I have some clever ways to do this if you would like I can share them.

    The only other problem is the justification of using the cube and the cards, together in this way. I personally do not see the natural relationship to determine the card posistion based on the time that it takes you to solve a cube. A more logical, atleast in my opinion is something like Unshuffled or the effect in Mnemonica where the deck ends in new deck order. Even a triumph routine or OOTW would make more sense, under the premise of seeing order in apparent chaos.

    I am not saying your idea is bad, I just think there is no logical connection between the cards and the cube.
  7. I agree with D ICE R, there's no connect between the cube and the cards. In all honesty the whole effect might come off as you having far too much time on your hands. It just seems like a "hey look what I can do" trick rather than anything else. That's simply because there is no logic for using the cube. It could be a very theatrical piece of magic, but you would have to frame it in a different way.

    This sounds very close in premise with Derren's Invisible Deal effect. Actually it's exactly the same with the addition of a rubik's cube.
  8. Wouldn't there be the problem of learning to solve the rubiks cube?
  9. Some awesome people like me and the dude know how to do so. But getting an exact time everytime is hard.
  10. -Ive been cubing for around 7 years now. I can solve in about 20 seconds everytime and i can also control my solve so i can finish it in whatever time that i want.

    Also could you please share you ideas about the shuffling.

    Third- I defiantly agree with the fact that the trick dosent seem to exactly flow perfectly.. So far i have no justification of using the rubiks cube and cards. Im still working on the patter. Ive been doing the rubiks cube for a super long time and whenever i do it people are super impressive. I liked the idea of mixing it with my magic. I do like the idea about the Mnemonica! I learned Mnemonica a couple of months ago. I will think about the effect and think of different trick i can do!

    THanks for the Advice.
  11. Some awesome people like me and the dude know how to do so. But getting an exact time everytime is hard.
  12. Regrettably without a proper video to demo this new effect I have to reserve my full opinion until I see it in action. My immediate opinion was excitement until I got to the deck of cards part. This doesn't mean that this isn't an amazing stunt done with cards, it's just that I've gotten to the point within my experience where I'm beginning to roll my eyes at just about anyone who justifies the finding of a spectators card through needlessly complicated and drawn out procedures. It's nothing against you, but as a magician I KNOW you know what, and where their selected card is, and as a spectator I EXPECT you to find it correctly... so the theater junkie in me demands a proper justification for the introduction of the complex method of locating the spectators card.

    Please don't let this discourage you though. I'm just one guy. This is probably going to be a reputation making effect. It's probably going to be the one act that will get you respect among magi, and repeat bookings among clients. This could become a routine that's copied, sold, or ripped off for years to come... It's got that kind of novelty. So please continue to develop it!

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