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Inversion Effect

Some of you may have watched this, but this thread is the official advertisement for my trick, if you will.
Feedback appreciated.
Tom Field

They're good ideas, but I've seen every one of them done before in either exact same method or one very similar. I know for a fact I perform 2 of those concepts nearly identically.

They're great ideas performed well, just not original.

Jun 10, 2008
Newcastle upon Tyne
The re-handling of the impulse change is very nice. I would say that it's impoprtant to try to provide a 'magical moment' for the less visual inversions (i.e, the first reverse).
Very nice, but with all the cuts it's hard to see how you've routined it. An actual performanmce video would have been great.

Nice work though, I love inversion effects :)

Sep 2, 2007
I didn;t like it. There wasn;t much originality, nor presentation. I've seen all of those done before, or at least VERY simalar.
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