Invisible Card by Blake Vogt question

Oct 25, 2008
Upon watching the trailer I immediately thought of Inferno by Joshua Jay, though with a different presentation. I've performed Inferno for some time now, and while it is an excellent trick, this just looks more streamlined and straight to the point. Less props, less storytelling – compared to Inferno – but with the same great reactions. How similiar are these tricks? Also, can another spectator hold the card throughout the routine? And does the magician have to reveal the card, or can it be folded up by a spectator?
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Dec 31, 2014
I don't know the methods to either of the tricks you mentioned, although I know which tricks you are talking about. Therefore, I can't answer your question about how similar they are. The questions about being held by a spectator, I'm not sure If you want spectators holding gimmicks, but the idea of the trick is that the invisible card is placed into the hands of the magician, and then appears. I don't think you'd get the same reactions if the spectator held it.


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Oct 28, 2008
Hey guys!

Inferno and Invisible Card are different in presentation and VERY different in method. The main differences in the effects (without going into details about the method which is difficult):

1. Number of items required: Inferno - a few // Invisible Card - one
2. Amount of specific questions required in scripting: Inferno - a few // Invisible Card - one
3. Amount of palming and sleight of hand moves required: Inferno - a few // Invisible Card - zero
4. Examinable at the end: Inferno - Yes // Invisible Card - No (not without sleight of hand)

Inferno is a great effect and I love all of Joshua Jay’s material. He is amazing. If you are not familiar with Inferno I would highly recommend it.

I'm obviously biased, but I prefer Invisible Card due to the handling and extremely flexible script that is possible utilizing this one crazy card. Hope this helps clear some things up!


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