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  1. Hi,
    I am working on an Invisible deck app. The app will be a port of my existing App on windows phone.
    Please take a look at the performance video of the app on windows phone 7, and let me know what you think about the Idea

    Performance Video

    Link to app on windows marketplace

    Current artwork on FB
  2. I think it is a really great idea, it works really well and is the perfect magic app for someone who doesn't own an invisible deck, but if you've already bought an invisible deck then there won't be any point in getting the app.
    You should definitely make it available on Android and Apple products.
  3. Apple asks $$$

    well developing on Apple is not a problem but publishing an App on Apple Marketplace is a Big issue. The main reason being the cost involved.

    Minimum Cost 400$ without a Mac.... and I dont have a Mac too so.... cant afford that :(
  4. You should do a KickStarter campaign to raise funds for Apple development costs
  5. Even if you have an ID, this allows you to perform the trick without having to carry the deck.
  6. Also I use the app with the deck, and pretend to copy/transfer the soul of the card to the phone or I say same thing happened with the deck in the phone... and reveal both the card that are the only face down card in both the decks are same, or there card is now in Phone upside down
  7. The similarity is same like the Similar ID from Invisible deck from E and regular bikes ID that you buy from ebay and the ID you make at home
  8. I'm just saying it looks like your Invisible deck app works almost exactly the same as the invisible deck from E.
  9. Well, all the Invisible Decks work the same way.
    But I never have used the E one so can't say if they function the same way, but the idea around the card selection for the reveal is my own thinking :)

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