Invisible loops problems.

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  1. I bought 5 loops but 4 of them broke after the first use even if I stretched them they still break easily . so my question is can I tie my loops again ? or how can I make mine's ?
  2. Buy Yigal Mesika's Invisible Elastic Thread, It is a dispenser with about 100ft of thread and costs about $20. With this you can tie as many loops as you like.
  3. You can use "Million Dollar Knot" method to tie your own loops OR you can buy "Trinity system" which is a device to tie loops.Google it to know more.You will break lot of loops in the beginning , everyone do. Stretch your loops to know it's breaking point.
  4. Yes, loops are quite fragile - if they were thick and strong they wouldn't be invisible.

    Yigal's thread has a great reputation. A lot of people like it. I've never worked with it, so I can't comment there. But E sells 400ft of IET (Legacy) for about the same price and I've been using the same spool for two years now.

    It's easy to tie your own loops. I use a variation of the Million Dollar Knot that Hemanth Saji mentioned. It gives a really small knot and I can throw it together in about a minute.

    Oh, and Mesika has recently come out with "The Inner Circle" which is a case that carries loops in the wallet I believe. Might be interested in checking that out as well.
  5. Thread takes some time to get use to. I hated the stuff, but seen what could be done with the stuff. I spent a lot of $ as well as time to find out just how to handle it, how it reacts to different objects and have come to like using it. Just remember that less is more with thread.
  6. Thx to all of you your advices are really helpful
  7. When using loops, be careful if you are wearing jumpers/hoodies as I have noticed it can get court up easy and sometimes break your loop. It also leaves fluff on your loop that is impossible to get off and doesn't look good. :)
  8. Also as an extra warning when wearing jackets or hoodies, be cautious when taking the sleeve off and on the arm that has the loops on them. I have had more loops sliding off of my wrist due to me putting on and taking off jackets than I would have liked to.
  9. Good point! :)
  10. I can second the Trinity system. Even me with my clumsy fingers can tie loops in under a minute with it, and if you're good I bet you can get that down to around 20-30 seconds.
  11. Trinity System/Million dollar knot i would say are the best ways to go for tying them ( i use the Million Dollar Knot myself). In terms of the actual thread, I bought Ellusionist's IET and it is incredible value for money compare to other products, you get a 400ft spool for $20, so you can use it for any thread work you want, and each loop costs pennies so you're not too worried about breaking them.
  12. I think once you get past the fact that you are wearing a loop, you will break them a lot less. Even when performing with them.

    My good bud bSmith will rock the house with some loop magic, and he will take off and put on hoodies, jackets, etc...

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