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  1. Will t11 ever release a 1 on 1 on the real invisible palm as sean in control
  2. That isn't Wayne's trick. That's a variation of the original that was created by Larry Jennings, that was originally called "Open Travelers".

    Later, Paul Harris made his own variation and called it "The Invisible Palm" and placed it in his wonderful set of books, The Art of Astonishment. Which is where, I believe, Wayne learned it and then customized it to his own needs.

    So, I highly, highly doubt you will ever see a 1-on-1 for that.

    You can find Paul's version (where Wayne learned it) in it The Art of Astonishment, book 3 on page 227.

  3. Just buy Art of Astonishment series. It's a great buy.
  4. I believe wayne also use paul's cross twist with his own variation from time to time.
  5. Brilliant effect,

    And well worth the purchase.

    I also use this effect in my act.

    I talk about three different styles of transportation of cards, and how magicians use these effects in their act.

    Starting with the version of 'ThisNThat' talking about cards rising and falling to parts of the deck.

    Then moving to the Invisible Palm and the palming of cards.

    Finishing off with the movement of cards using some ET & The Cloak to show myself (or the magician) is totally in control of the cards and their movement.

    Wow, im way off topic to the original question.

    I doubt it will be a 1-on-1 but it really is a great buy!

  6. And you can find the original in The Classic Magic of Larry Jennings which is a great book
  7. Yeah the original is in Classic Magic of Larry Jennings and is called "Open Travellers" there is an even more amazing one called "Expert Travellers". Which if mastered would be the closest thing to real card-magic in my opinion.

    I highly recommend checking the book out, it's filled with fantastic routines and insight. :)

    - Sean
  8. Go with what Dave said and buy the Art of Astonishment.

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