Invisible Thread - where to start?

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  1. I’m looking into invisible thread as it seems to be the most logical next step for my style of effects.

    However upon looking briefly into the SPP and Tarantula it quickly became apparent that there is a whole lot I don’t know about thread, how it works, or even how it has been used previously to great effect.

    So before I make that classic magicians error and buy something I can’t use and have no idea about, where’s a good place to start with theory of IT, some examples of performers who regularly make use of it or perhaps a book dedicated to ‘classic’ thread work if there is one?
  2. I recommend starting with this 2 DVD set when it comes back in stock:

    You will get performance tips from Finn Jon (the creator of Loops) as well as Yigal Mesika. By practicing everything taught in the 2 DVDs you will get a good feel for IT. I can certainly recommend Spider Pen Pro as well as Tarantula II as worthwhile investments if you are looking to progress further with IT.

    Another interesting source for work on IT is Calen Morelli's At The Table Live Lecture with Murphy's Magic. There was a lot of interesting tidbits on how he handles IT that I found pretty useful.
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  3. It depends on what effects you are looking to achieve with IT or EIT (in the case of loops). I've used both for subtle effects like a PK touch effect as well as telekinetic effects (making things fall, move, etc.) Personally, I feel that whether you use a reel, loops, or a body system (my preferred hookup). I'll link this video, god I was young, everything performed in it uses a hookup I learned from a Michael Ammar DVD? I think, it is difficult to remember without revealing where the thread is. It might also be from an old Fearson video when I wanted to learn a floating cigarette effect.

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  4. I highly recommend starting here:

    You get IT and some wax to start you off, and the video lecture that comes with it gives a really solid intro to using IT that builds a solid foundation in about 30 minutes.
  5. Hi guys! I posted this a few months ago but have now seen that Theory11 and Yigal misika have teamed up to release what seems to be the only IT package aimed at beginners.

    Has anyone bought Animation and is this as good a place to start as I think it is? Good price, good routines, aimed at beginners, Theory11 and Misika - seems to be the perfect choice?
  6. It's from a while ago, but I found the Michael Ammar DVD (Easy to Master Thread Miracles) on this to be super helpful.

    Jon Leclair's Who's Afraid of Invisible Thread DVD is also highly regarded.

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