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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bungee, May 15, 2010.

  1. Any chance we'll see an iPad version of the site anytime soon? Hate not being able to view the vids.

  2. I second this :)

    That would be awesome ;)
  3. Very soon...
  4. Ipad utilizes a modified operating system of the iphone. If I am not mistaken, the operating system has a limitation of not being able to support Flash 10.

    Big issue, since Flash is what powers the majority of the online media videos.

    JB, good luck with this, its a large task ;)
  5. What I understand is that Steve Jobs has some serious issues with Adobe Flash. He effectively blames it for the majority of freeze-ups and crashes on Mac computers. And I also understand he is holding out for HTML5 which will have native/inherent video support using open standards.

    So, hey, consider the following:

    Apple computers are considered to be the best machines for creating media, and much of that software comes form Adobe. Yet the CEO goes on vulgar tirades against Adobe's software for playing media, and refuses to support it on all platforms. (Almost all third party media development applications are also available for PCs these days, for what it's worth.)

    Apple seems willing to make T11 iPhone iPad apps exclusive to their own app store, but isn't quite so willing to let anyone view the full Theory11 web site on an iphone or ipad.

    And a lot of other questionable practices or profanity filled rants which only marginally factor into this conversation: Lawsuits against HTC to get back at Google, Soap Opera style. Getting sued by HTC. Putting Playboy in their app store then saying "if you want porn then get a Google phone." Ignoring that Safari is just as capable of viewing said material.

    I'm not the "big business hater" type. In fact, I wish people would get off their backs. Yet I question any company who goes out of their way to appease Apple in light of their view toward consumers, their business partners, and the Internet as a whole.

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