Is ebook is ok for marketplace

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Can I submit a ebook instead of doing a instructional video

  1. Only video

  2. Both

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  1. I want to submit a trick to the marketplace. Can I submit a ebook instead of tutorial video
  2. I believe so, but you probably won't get many sales.
  3. We do not currently accept e-books for the Marketplace - only videos.

    // L
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  4. Can I komw why theory 11 not accepting ebooks instead of tutorial videos
  5. The Marketplace is structured around you providing an instructional video and a preview video. While we could potentially allow someone to submit a PDF for the instructional file, the submitting artist would still need an instructional video. Also, people visiting the marketplace expect video products. We opted to simplify the format so that videos, and only videos, would be what we accept to the marketplace.

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  6. I can't understand your answers. I know that most of theory 11 magicians learned magic with books and even someone have a library and with my view reading books are the things to learn magic.
    Then why theory 11 not accepting ebooks
  7. The vast majority of people who perform magic today do not learn the majority of their skills from books.

    The vast majority of the magic market is not terribly interested in books.

    This is coming from years of experience on the "back end" of magic sales. Most customer want videos and will not pay as much attention to a text offering.
  8. Simplified? theory11 is built around video magic, not books. We sell videos, so we don't modify our system to sell something different.

    // L

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