Is it all camera tricks? Any ideas on these routines?

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  1. Looks like real effects, but maybe with some heavy stooging to give the impression that the effects can be viewed from 360 degree.
  2. I know him, famous magician in Taiwan. But i just think the response is strange, they may not be normal guys.
  3. Wow, I am impressed and I have no idea on how he did it. Sorry that I did not have any ideas, but surprised that it can be surrounded 360 around.
  4. fake we all no magic aint real and video editing can be done like tht so yea
  5. I don't know how practical it would be but there are a few ideas I can think of for some of them...

  6. hey guys that no camera edit.. two words " black art"
  7. yeah the spectators are stooged its impossible that he can do it 360 surrounded , hes a very famous magician but most of his tricks are gimmicked but he present them in a very good way .
  8. ...mostly performs them in a very good way anyways. I almost reeked at his routine with coin shells on a Taiwanese TV show, with stooges in the back looking right into his method. A bit of disregard for the art of magic, if you ask me. It's not that hard to perform WITHOUT stooges on TV...or is it?
  9. Actually, first thing I thought was Asian Angel.

    And no - it's not that hard. As I said, there are things that can be done. Some of the vanishes and appearances, for example. Also the levitation. Reminds me something I read recently..
  10. Defendantly stooges, and I saw at least one camera trick. Not a huge one, just a pan so he could ditch something. But that was a sick routine. Would love to know how he did the phone levitation. Fantastic.

  11. He's basically just doing what Criss Angel does; that entire audience was definitely made up of actors. All the effects he did are readily available in books or for purchase if you know where to look.
  12. some of them were very obvious...anyway nicely constructed routine...

    btw the phone Master Levitation system explains something similar...and I think it can be done that way..
  13. stooged, and they used camera cuts too. so like the bird, when he puts it in the envelope. i think its a fake bird. but w/e.
  14. Why would you NOT use stooges when you have the oppurtunity AND it would enhance the effect? Only magicians have any idea that stooges are in play, and if in your dogmatic attempt to avoid stooging, you performed a weaker effect than you could have for television, then I say shame on you.

    It's the effect that matters in the end, and remember- TV magicians perform for the Viewing Audience, not for the studio audience- it's what WE as the viewers experience that's important. As long as the stooging and use of camera cuts is subtle, the laypeople at home will experience a stronger effect and congratulations to the magician.
  15. If stooging is the only way you feel enhances an effect on or off television than maybe your performance skills aren't up to par. I feel stooging and camera tricks don't do anything for magic but water it down. To enhance an effect we have great performance and ability to draw our spectators in to the magic that we are doing so we don't leave them just watching something we can do. Magic is for entertainment and wonder and when you water it down for show it loses its impact.
  16. There's no camera tricks at all. I know exactly how he's doing it, and he flashed the vanishing envelope. However I also know what I'm looking for too so I may be at an advantage.

    I'm not going to expose his method, that would be wrong. But I will say there's a reason for why he's wearing that jacket, and it's not for style.

    Watch it again.

    This guy is VERY good. I'll give him props on skill. This is a very nice street routine.
  17. Watered down for who? The audience never knows.
  18. He did use the camera to clean up his Snap Change. ...I think.

  19. C'Mon guys you too can do vanishes like these! Lol I learned some cool vanishes from Peter Pitchford which are 100% amazing. I think there might have been some post-production editing but not much! When you perform for a live audience and a camera you must realize that its hard to misdirect a camera and even if you successfully misdirect a viewer at home they can always hit rewind, so its important to get rid of flashes or ditches on the camera. He seemed like he had some good audience management so I would be surprised if he got away with all of the moves he did.

    Peter Pitchford's site

    Peter Pitchford's Youtube:

    Peter Pitchford is a top notch magician and a good friend of mine

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