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  1. Or do the Guardians look like the most absolutely perfect deck of cards. The detail is phenomenal! I can't wait to see what other decks Theory11 has in store for us.

  2. Haha, I'm never buying a pack of ghosts ever again. These are my new cards.
  3. Shame. Both decks are beautiful to me. Oh well, preference is preference!

  4. Yeah thats a broad statement... I am guessing someone is a little excited....:D
  5. No crap I'm excited. I can't wait for more decks from theory11!
  6. they don't mention the stock at all, what if it's just regular card stock?
  7. A regular card stock that looks absolutely sick!!!
  8. Wouldn't that be the exact opposite of the masters edition cards? regular looking cards on wicked stock?

    I want to wait for the reviews before buying these tho...

    I'm still wondering what's inside those 5 boxes ppl received.
  9. I know, tell us!
  10. why is it a new deck comes out and magicians piss and giggle over this crap in my opinion these are not as good looking and are more expensive and a waste of time I have to say tally- hos are the best period with a linoid finish they spread beautifully every time they last you 11 years per pack you drop them in dirt. clean them off do 50 faros and switch direction and do 50 more faros then do 45 le paul spreads and do one more faro riffle the front back and both long edges a couple times and do what joshua jay calls smoking the deck and then do 5 more faros and they will spread like butter always tally- hos are the decks that ive come to love you magicians should pick up some hos they last forever. this in peace mac dre. this be ak4788magic and im out representing the 916 woof woof the only real streets.
  11. That's great G now go woof dawg unit to your mother homie, anyways I think they look amazing, except before I say "They're the best" I need to try them first. Yeah looks is one thing but likeing the feel of them is a whole other issue.

  12. These decks have blown me out of the water, they look absolutely phenomenal and look beautiful as well. I can't wait to get my hands on one of them.

  13. I dont understand if your trying to insult me or not its very confusing and dont try and be hard with me man women or whatever you are but hy those new decks are expensive and plus listnenim just saying my opinion.first second and third of all if you want to come let me know and we will see if this new deck will even last you 2 years better yet even 2 months hey I feel sorry for you magicians out there no disrespect but for all you working magicians who earn your cash insteed of punks who just mow lawns for ten bucks and blow there cash on a deck of cards or two. us real workers that have family to feed and children shouldn't even bother with all these fancy new decks.hos are winners in my book you can't go wrong its amazing how long tally hos last and are still spreadable. im sorry if my fellow brethren don't agree its probably lack of experience i don't know but hey RebelAce69 I wish you the best if you buy that deck hope its everything you expected. thizz in peace to the bay area legend mac dre you will be missed I hope your doing swabbage patch or the furly or the thizzle wiggle in heaven with some fine a$$ beezys
  14. Agree( word count)
  15. wtf are you on about here is a statement from the USPCC

    "Tally-Ho and Bike are identical - except for the back design and thickness. What is printed on the box has no value. It used to, long ago, but not any more. Now they are the same finish. The only differnce is the Tally Ho's are slightly thicker. Linoid and Air Cushion are the same"

    So stop making crap up. by the way you speak it doesn't sound asif you have a family.

    sorry i had to get that off of my chest as these people keep saying how Tally Ho's are soooo goood

    Bikes and tallys are different in handlings and stock, personally I prefer tallys as stated they last for so long and they feel nicer.

    But saying that bikes also feels great and their more readily avalible, which makes them number 1 for me:D

    Many thanks

    Daniel Chard

  17. What were you doing in the water in the first place?
  18. Tallys unquestionably are much better than bikes all round, although i don't think guardians will handle as well, they do look awesome, and i think the performer should enjoy the cards he is using, its nice to have a change sometimes :)
  19. aside from the 500 other topics on this.....

    the guardians arent anything special

    all they are, are regular bikes with new artwork

    is a deck of cards with a pretty picture worth 10 bucks????

    with no different finish???
  20. My only problem is with the white borders. If they would of made the borders a darker shade of black it would of looked cooler. At least it's an original design though.

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