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  1. As many of you know Dan & Dave Buck are very great cardistry artist's, and one of there hardest and most beautiful masterpieces is the Jackson5, i've been practicing it lately and i've got to a stage where my movements are slow but i dont mess up very much, i was practicing while my grandparents were in the room and i hadent droped any card's up to the leno cut i had done it and was at the final display, my grandma look's at me and say's the most hurtful thing ever "Is That Hard..?" i droped all my card's and stood there. This is a flourishe that even the people who made it cant perfect and once she said that it all came down it was like sarcasm.
  2. Well, I wouldn't really take it too seriously if I were you. She doesn't understand what goes into the craft; she has no perspective in this aspect. The only people who's opinion really matters constructively, is a magicians opinion because they understand the effort that goes in to the flourish. Also, I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "Is That Hard..?" because I didn't hear her tone. Was it condescending or was it an actual question?
  3. Yeah, I sort of know how that feels. Normal people don't know how much practice it takes. I remember when I was starting off with the Sybil and did it in school and dropped a few cards and somebody said 'haha, fail'. Only as a joke but I wanted to say I'd love to see you do it.
    But I wouldn't worry about it. Maybe one day you could try teaching her it and see if she finds it hard!
  4. im not really sure if she was joking or being serious, but either way it upset me haha.
  5. It might have been a thing where you were making it look easy. : D
  6. Haha lord if only, it has got to be the hardest thing i've tried.
  7. The same thing happens to me all the time. When I'm practicing cardistry and drop a couple of cards and hear haha fail, I do Andries card in fan off the ground, if that doesn't shut theem up, I tell them how to do the charlier cut, tell them it is the most basic move, hand them the deck, and 100 percent of the time, they won't be able to do it. That is when people start to understand that you know what youre doing.
  8. I have about as much respect for people who can perform cardistry well as I do for anyone who is good at high level mathematics. Like Calc or Trig. That is to say I have a lot of respect because I can't do either of those very well and I know how effing hard they are to do!
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    For the last hour i've been walking around following her and doing andrei jikh's stardust in her face....haha.
  10. No one, who haven't try flourishes knows how hard it is. My friends say this to me a lot and I do the same as you magicat. I show them charlier cut too, but don't say 100 percent, because my cousin did it in first time. I was amazed. LOL
  11. Yeah, I'm sure some people can do it the first time, but it has never happened when I tell people to do it.
  12. Don't worry and don't get discouraged. As others said not everyone will be able how much goes into this art. With magic it's the same, we're supposed to make it look like it was happening all by itself, even though often there are hours of practice that make it possible. Just keep going, you'll find people who will recognize your art :)
  13. Esoteric: adj - designed for or understood by the specially initiated alone.

    Though any form of object manipulation is inherently esoteric (as only those who practice the manipulations will understand the difficulty of them, as anyone doing them well will make them look easy), card flourishing is among the most so I believe. It's such a small object, in such a small space, with such small movements that are impossible to follow that no one can understand how difficult the things a flourisher is doing unless they also do them.

    Which is why I truly believe that a full performance of card flourishing will be utterly boring to anyone who isn't a flourisher.
  14. This is a bit off topic but this girl took my cards today as a joke, we are fairly good friends, and she knows how much I like cards. Her Sister had previously ruined a deck of Tally Ho Red Fan Backs by handling them dreadfully with dirty hands. Today I had one of my favourite decks, the Tally Ho Circle Back (blue) on me. It should be said that straight out of the box that were not excellent, but they fanned nicely still. I had barely used them. So today she took the cards and literally stroked a single playing card and said 'these aren't as good as your ones you were telling me about a while ago'- talking about Tally Ho Fan Backs. She said the card didn't feel as smooth. This is a bit weird considering she'd never handled it... So I was like 'I don't think so' but she kept disagreeing. Then she did a terrible trick but it was funny to her friend. So I was like can I have the cards back and she gave me them back, and I have honestly never experienced a USPCC deck that fans quite as badly as this. I showed the fans to my friends and they were saying that it was really bad too. But she didn't really care and said 'how could I have ruined them?' I'm still a bit annoyed... £4 down the drain pretty much.

    This post has been long and a bit off topic but I'm basically saying that normal people who aren't into cards will not appreciate card skills as much as people who like cards, whether it's flourishing or tricks. So don't worry about it. I know I posted before but this happened to me today and relates to normal people not appreciating cards.

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