Is the an original trick?

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  1. I know tricks like this have been done before where you dribble the cards and catch the selection, but do you guys know if anyone has made a sandwich trick like the one in the video? (I know it's beginner, if I upload it to the marketplace it's just for beginners.)
  2. Well i have seen the trick before but rather than putting the card in by a dribble they just put it normally its not a original trick and your moves aren't that great i would say you practice the trick more if you decide to upload it to the marketplace hope you found this helpful
  3. Thanks suchir I know my moves aren't the best. And I know this trick has been done before where you put the card in I feal the dribble adds something idk lol. I wanted to do the pass or something to control the card but I couldn't find a good camera angle. and Thanks for the advice
  4. The presentation is probably unique, the trick itself is no.

    Also, I think you should work on your moves a bit.

    Nice idea though!
  5. Thanks!
  6. It was part of the sequel And Then Some
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