Is there a way to put purchased videos on an iPhone?

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  1. i have been purchasing several videos and i have been unable to continue to watch my recent videos due to traveling and work so i was wondering is it possiable to transfer the video to itunes and then into my iphone i attempted to drag it but it doesn't show in my itunes.. any ideas???????????
  2. Hi.
    The problem is that the movies from Theory11 are in the codec .mov. and the iphone only supports the codec mp4. So what you need to do is convert the .mov into mp4. You can do it with this program. it's only for pc unfortunetly if you have a mac. hope this was of any help !
  3. What kind of computer do you have? Beciase there is an easy way to do it on a mac, without downloading all these programs.
  4. You can also convert the files with iTunes.
    Go to your "movies" section of your library
    Bring down the "file" menu and click "Add file to library" to import the file
    Once the video is imported highlight it and bring down the "Advanced" menu and click "Create iPod or iPhone version"

    It takes a little while but they will be able to transfer without a problem.

  5. On my mac I use iSquint. Its a free video converter. It also automatically adds it to iTunes.

    Well, not so imperative, but a really good idea:

    I would only convert a COPY of the original file. Keep the original file on your computer just in case something happens to it either during the conversion or while it's on your iPod.
  7. thanx guys ill try em out
  8. I use the itunes conversion method discussed earlier and it makes a new version automatically so you do not have to copy it. It has been working great.

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