Is there a wheel prize you DON'T want?

Brett Hurley

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Sep 27, 2014
Texa$, with a dollar sign
Don't get me wrong by the title. The Theory11 team has put together an even better holiday wheel this year with all sorts of things for the taking.

But is there something on the wheel that, if you land on it, would have no idea what to do with or not be able to utilize to the fullest extent? Or maybe have to put it back on the wheel?
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Interesting question.

I think all the prizes that Theory11 is pumping out are really cool. The one that I would least be a fan of, but still accept because it's cool, is the Monarch Spade Wall Print. I simply just don't have a place to put it at this time. I would definitely keep it if I got it and wait until I have available space for it. Or, I may even just keep it as decor for my stage performances.

Khaleel Olaiky

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Aug 31, 2013
To be honest I respect Dan White as a magician but I'm not that interested in meeting him in person, the GoPro would be nice but maybe I will buy one for myself and I think there are people who can't afford it and deserve it more than me, I really really wish I win the Ace wall art or the elite membership, these stuff you can't buy, but they are so freaking awesome,

So to answer the question ... Yes, there are many things I don't want.
Nov 10, 2014
I think for me it would be the Meet The Magician (mainly because the prize description talked about the tickets, meeting him after the show, and hotel, but no way to get to NYC [Pretty sure that is where it is] which I cannot do) and the other one is. The 1 on 1 skype session, I feel like I am at an early enough stage in my magic development (and cardistry) that I still need to work on getting stuff down from books, and getting a solid foundation before something that can really help me much.
Nov 10, 2014
I think the two I would choose last are the 1 on 1 skype session and the meet the magician. I wouldn't really want the meet the magician mainly because the prize listed tickets, the after show thing, hotel room, but no way to get there which is the main setback. I also feel that I need a more solid foundation in magic and cardistry before I can really benefit from a one on one skype session. Need to read more books more often, LEARN ALL THE THINGS!


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Sep 27, 2015
mid America
Great question.. I can't travel so I'd give Meet The Magician to someone else --if it's possible to transfer a gift. And the Private Session would be best for someone serious about performing so there's another prize that I would happily pass along to another person. Those two and the "no reward" prize. I don't want to "win" that one again---once was enough! LOL
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