Is This a Rare Deck of Studs?

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  1. Hey guys, a couple of months ago, I took a trip to illinois. While there, I picked up some studs. There was one I got at a magic shop called "midwest magic" Its design looked peculiar compared to my other decks. Has any one ever seen this design before?

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  2. Yeah. They are. It was the old Stud design, before the "Old Stud" and "New Stud" design.
  3. oh, thanks, so are these in a sense the "first edition" studs?
  4. I'm not completely sure. These were printed by a different company.

    Read more here.

  5. I've got a deck of those, but in red. They were my grandmothers, they're like 20 something years old. I kept one pack, ya know, collection and what not. I opened up the other one though. Really thin cards, didn't care for them much.
  6. Old Studs are some of the best fanning and spreading cards you will ever come across.

  7. Are you refering to the studs that are in the picture?
  8. Not very rare, but they're uncommon.

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