Is this deck fake?

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  1. Hi guys.
    I bought new bicycle standard card and because its my first bicycle deck card I can't recognize it's fake or original.
    I posted pictured.
    Please tell me your opinion.
    Sorry for bad English.
  2. Here pictures.

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  3. First off. Where did you buy it?
  4. I'm in iran.
    It's forbidden in my country to buy or sell it but I bought it from who is trusted(it's true?).
  5. The deckbox looks identical to the Bicycle deck I have, so I would say it is probably not fake. There is also not much of a reason to create fake Bicycle decks, since they are very common and cheap. The profit one would gain from selling counterfeit Bicycle decks is so small, it wouldn't be worth putting the effort into making the deck.
  6. I was about to say this.
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  7. First thanks to all of you!
    Maybe you can't believe it that sell or buy any playing cards is forbidden in my country and for this if we want play we must pay very much to buy one deck card and we don't know is this original or fake .
    For this reason ( playing cards is expensive in our country ) we see people that produce fake cards and sell it to us with high money.
    I bought this standard deck about 45 dollars.
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  8. Wow!
  9. First off, I wish you the best of luck - maybe you can find a way around the system legally!
    Secondly, I am pretty sure this deck is real - no fake deck would go trough the process of printing copyright info - especially on the tuck flap. The deck also is identical to any Bicycle Standard deck I've seen, with trademark labels and everything. It looks real to me.
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  10. It could be fake. I've seen a bunch of fake bikes (they're made in China but have the standard seal on them and all...) Just check out some website like AliExpress..they've got a bunch of such fake ones
    But it might be genuine too. There's really no way to tell from a picture. Best of luck
  11. I feel like there is a great movie to be made about smuggling playing cards into Iran.
  12. I would watch that movie. I'm picturing something like three kings. Even if it were uust a short film I'd want it made.
  13. Only if tarantino directs it! ;)
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  14. Maybe i dont think so..
  15. Tell me son. Did you ever read the erdnase? There's a passage I have memorised...
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