Is this original enough and would you pay for this?

Discussion in 'The Marketplace' started by Digitalpsycho, Dec 25, 2016.

  1. I wanna publish my first effect on the market, but I'm not sure if it's original enough and I can't decide the price for it, it's basically an imaginary which hand routine, here's how the effect goes :
    The first three phase is just guessing where the imaginary coin is

    The first one, I told them to think I toss the coin and they catch it with one of their hands and i guess correctly with what hand the catch the coin
    The second one, is like the classic which hand trick, they hide the imaginary coin in one of their hand and I guess it again
    For the third one I give a little twist by telling them to cross their hands so making it even harder for me to guess it
    The fourth phase, I guess what coin are they thinking of
    And for the final part of the routine, I open up my prediction which predict everything correctly

    Additional and alternate phases are taught including :
    -shadow coin
    -year divination
    -heads or tails prediction

    The idea comes from Peter Turner's which hand routine, but i upgraded it so the spectator have more freedom of move even though some part of the routine is really close to his method

    Would you guys pay for this effect, and is it original enough to go on the marketplace ?
  2. I wouldn't pay very much for it personally. Maybe five bucks or something like that. As for originality, that is not my call.

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