Is Thread Dangerous?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Enzo, Sep 22, 2010.

  1. Is thread by Wayne Houchin dangerous? My eye got infected.
  2. I think you answered your own question didn't you? My guess is with the proper thread and practice, visine, etc. you can perform it perfectly fine once your eye gets used to it. I think it is a killer effect, but notice so far that every person's eye that I have seen perform already watering, red, and irritated...including Criss Angel when I've seen him perform it both times.
  3. So we will really have yellow green secretion that will last for 1 - 2 days? I'm 15 years old and I wear contact lens. I even sterilized the thread.
  4. Not sure my man. I wear contacts as well and definitely have chosen NOT to perform this effect. Hope it clears up for you though.
  5. When you perform saw, how do you hide that thing? I watched Dan Sperry on AGT and that thing is invisible.
  6. I've done this regularly in my professional gigs and my eyes have been fine
  7. Isn't there a special forum for this product??? Why don't you check there, because I am sure that everyone there will be able to help you out =)
  8. Having anything in contact with your eyes is at least a little dangerous. You have to make your own judgment calls. I'd say if you got an infection, you should probably not perform that version of the effect. That's just common sense.
  9. im gonna say this clearly. IF you wear contact lenses, Thread Will be very difficult if not almost impossible for you to perform. I have played around with the effect for a LONG time and the contacts make it almost impossible to do, and absolutely Impossible to do consistently. If you do manage to do the effect you will more than likely lose a contact. sorry, guys, best advice i can give is if your gonna do it, wear your glasses that day.
  10. I think it's common sense that anytime you perform something invasive on yourself you run a serious risk of infection or worse. I'm quite sure that Wayne has expressed these concerns on his video, although admittedly I've not seen it as I perform my own version of thread from body.

    You would be wise to follow any safety advice Wayne gives to the letter, and above all else don't cut corners when it comes to safety or cleaning your equipment.

    Further, some people just can't perform thread. Since all of our bodies are different, it's quite possible that your body just can't work with the thread. It may reject it, or have a reaction to it. Sounds to me like your better off performing something else. Consult with your doctor before you perform thread again.
  11. When I saw this effect I just facepalmed.....Without revealing anything I can say that I will never perform it again.
  12. What does tht even mean
  13. If everything is sanitary, it should be okay. Although, thread was never designed to be in the eye so of course there will be irritation. if you have an infection, obviously something was wrong that was not a factor of the trick. Otherwise it probably wouldn't be on the market. Was it sanitary? were you using the right thread? are you allergic to anything?

    And the the whole doing it with contacts being near impossible... that's balogna... I'm still working on it so haven't performed for public yet, but I have done it with contacts... no problems whatsoever if you have normal sized contacts. the thread shouldn't even come in contact with them... no pun intended. Of course, you must be careful when wearing contacts, but, it's definitely do able.
  14. Of course it's sanitary. I even sterilized the thread.
  15. Did you wash your hands? Did you wait before putting the visine on the thread? Did you drop the thread after sanitizing it? Did you leave the visine bottle open? Was the Visine bottle contaminated? These are all things that could cause any problems with thread.
  16. I agree with Draven. Some people just will not be able to do it. I use a VERY small amount of thread and I can barely fit it in my eye lid. I do the sleight of hand version now. Same reaction, but it's also safe. I'm already 80% deaf. I don't want to go blind too.
  17. Sorry to bring up an old thread (pun intended) but have you considered performing the non-geek version? I'm not too comfortable with things in my eyes (thats why I wear glasses and not contacts) but I got this as a gift from a friend who thought I'd enjoy it. I was not at all ok with the Geek method, but the version involving the gimmick gets great responses.

    If you really like the effect try it that way
  18. The Geek method IS THE WAY TO GO with this effect. Why would you do it any other way?

    I've performed this many, many times. Sometimes 3-4 times a day. Of course you have to get used to it, and I believe that the effect is WAY too good to pass up just because it takes a little time to get comfortable with.

    If you can't show the thread being pulled from the eye, what is the point of doing the effect?

    If you're not comfortable with it, then don't perform it. I've done worse to my body than this :p
  19. Performed the geek version last night. Worst choice in my entire life. I got onto stage. Told myself, this is the moment of my life. Set up like Mr Wayne OWchin said to. What this man's obsession with self mutilation is, the world may never know. Anyway, I put the thread in my mouth... it goes okay. Then I begin pulling through my eye... and my eyeball just falls out. I was shocked. No, I didn't get an infection, but my eyeball was lying on the floor beside my feet just staring back at me as if to say "you idiot"... If eyeballs could talk that is. But, as the saying goes, the show must go on. So, I continued pulling through the socket. The reactions were mind blowing.

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