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Isolated by Franky Morales

Sep 1, 2007
had to come out from under the rock for this. has anyone read the description for this video? In case you missed it-

"A relatively new genre of Cardistry. Isolations is a concept that can be applied to all different types categories such as close up, stage, or on video. This will impress everyone whether it be used to display skill or a magical use of finesse.

Never before has information ever been taught on this subject. Learn isolations that I have created over the past years and how I structure my very own isolation routine. Be inspired to create and expand your cardistry.

Come on inside and let's get started."

First off, for those who do not know, there are zero original moves in this video. Well I shouldn't say that, I don't know for sure. There are zero original moves in the preview. None. All of that has been done, by numerous people, including Jaspas, Kevin Ho, as well as a hoard of people who used to frequent tinychat. I couldn't tell you who exactly created each move, but I assure you, they are not his original creations.

"Never before has information ever been taught on this subject. Learn isolations that I have created over the past years"

Please change this. The bottom line is Franky learned all those moves from people on tinychat, particularly Viet. I, as well as other people, including Alex Janiuk, can recall Franky seeing these moves done by Viet on tinychat numerous times. We all messed around with isolations, but nobody started claiming ish.

Here you can see some random youtuber doing a lot of the moves from the preview, 1 year ago-

What exactly was created over these "years?" For this guy to charge 10 bucks for unoriginal material is just garbage. You can't say you created ANYTHING from that preview. I'm not sure if didn't include any of his "original" stuff in the preview, but I highly doubt it. Either take this crap off or tell the truth about how you learned all of those moves.


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Sep 2, 2007
Las Vegas
Thank you for informing us! The team was aware of the Isolations concept but we were not aware at who developed the bulk of it. If in the case of a group/team effort as you say, it's a grey area and difficult to draw the line. Furthermore, Jaspas had been given credit as per his permission. I think it would be wise to get together with the developers of the concept and resolve it in the meanwhile. We'll get in touch with Frank Morales and let him know of the issue. Thanks again!
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Jan 3, 2012
I actually JUST posted a forum thread in The Wire section right before I saw this thread. It actually explains everything in it, hopefully it'll be accepted soon so everyone can see it.
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