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  1. Hey guys,

    Decided to make a new account and actually start participating in forums this time. First off id like to introduce myself, my real name is Jose Morales and my nickname that my closer friends and family members call me is Franky. Im a senior in high school, I attend a lot of conventions, and I just love doing magic and flourishing. I've been into magic for 6 years and have been flourishing for 5.

    I just released my isolation routine that I've been working on for the past 2 to 3 years. Elements were taken from other flourishers that I have befriended over the years such as Chotu Singh and Jaspas Deck. They have both kindly given me permission to teach some of the isolations they have made along with my very own. So, big thanks to both of them.

    For the ones who dont know what Isolations are, this is a little description originally used by Jaspas:
    "Isolations - A concept derived from Popping and Contact Juggling." I then added miming and a sense of illusion to the isolations over the years.

    Being a magician as well as a flourisher, I tried to be animated with my performance to give the overall illusion that the card does it by itself. Many magicians in the past and present do incorporated their own bodies to give an overall better performance. There's even several books have been devoted solely for this reason. So, my good friend Chotu Singh helped me unintentionally become somewhat a better performer by helping me become more animated. As far as im aware, I am the first to actually "connect" isolations and come up with an actual routine showcasing them in a fluid and magical manner along with my own isolations.

    For credits, I'd like to thank Jerry Cestkowski for creating the original isolation (still deck routine), Jaspas Deck for innovating something to become a category on its own and all his work he's put into it, and Chotu Singh for helping me with isolations and overall helping me becoming a better flourisher.

    Last but not least, Isolated:
  2. Jose, there is no original material in the video. You did not add anything to them! Every single move that I see in this preview video is not yours. Your not the first person to "connect" isolations, everyone that practiced them connected them! Do not say you created anything in this video, because you did not. Any other claim is just bogus, I'm not the only one that knows this.
  3. I don't think there are too many contact juggling cardists around, but being one of the few, I find this a very interesting concept, will probably purchase this in the future. I hope this dispute over the orginality is solved and this stays on The Wire.
  4. Although not entirely original, Jose has been given permission by Jaspas and others to teach.
  5. This. Creeper, you seem really enraged over something that isn't even yours. The guy had permission. Quit griping about an ad copy.
  6. You guys clearly don't understand my gripe here. Franky is saying he created something in this video. If all the moves are shown in the preview, then there is zero original material in it!

    "Elements were taken from other flourishers"


    "Learn isolations that I have created over the past years"

  7. How do you know he didn't create some of the moves?
  8. sorry, I posted a thread in the main section where I explained that, guess I should of done that here too. I'll just copy what I said over there.

    "The bottom line is Franky learned all those moves from people on tinychat, particularly Viet. I, as well as other people, including Alex Janiuk, can recall Franky seeing these moves done by Viet and Jaspas on tinychat numerous times. We all messed around with isolations, but nobody started claiming ish."

    If Franky can clarify what exactly he created we can settle this.
  9. How I see it, is that franky has supposedly discussed all these matters with the people in question. He got their permission and blessing to do this project. That's all that really matters here, if you created something that he's teaching without discussing with you, than you have an argument, but as far as we can tell, he's already touched base with the creators so it's cleared up.
  10. franky what did you create in this video
  11. Your username says it all ^
  12. your username says it all ^

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