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  1. i'm looking to buying the tarantula but unsure if its worth the money.
    as the title stated whats everyone opinion on and of the levitation product out there and which one should i invest in.
    also I have loops.
  2. I received the MLS and it is incredibly well thought out, much more practical than Tarantula, has tons of beautiful possibilities (all detailed on the included 90 minute DVD), and a bunch of cool gimmicks to use with the MLS.

    You can find it at the website in my signature.
  3. I just have a few questions about that:

    1. Does it come with the thread?
    2. Is it a mechanical gimmick?
  4. I don't have it but I do know that it is based on fearson's hookup so it is not a mechanical device.

  5. It's not mechanical, it's Fearson's thread hook-up (which is considered by many to be one of the best and most deceptive in existance).
  6. I don't own the Tarantula, but I have seen how it works. It's amazing. Of course, Steve Fearson's hookup is also amazing. Actually, Steve's hookup is taught in the Tarantula DVD. It is what makes the ring fly and it utilizes the Tarantula. Steve's DVD goes into detail all of the amazing things you can do with the hookup.

    Both are solid and I'd probably recommend both at them as I plan on getting both at some point. Which one you get first is up to you though.

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    Tarantula comes with a very nice reel that you DO NOT NEED to levitate objects as shown in MLS or Tarantula. Mesika also teaches (unlawfully) the Fearson Hookup, but does not go into detail.

    MLS comes with thread, wax, and a few gimmicks to levitate everyday objects (a fork, some ice, a deck, etc.). It teaches the Fearson Hookup in detail, and goes over many, many applications for it.

    I would suggest buying MLS, as you can learn it from the man who invented it; it's cheaper; and you aren't paying $75 for a friggin' reel that isn't even used to perform the featured levitations.

    With MLS, you can perform things like the floating cigarette, deck, ice, fork, dollar bills (any amount, real cash), and tons of other stuff.

    Go Fearson.


    I totally forgot. You also learn a multitude of other hookups, including several impromptu ones (including an impromptu hookup for food), learn a TON of routines, and a lot of useful information / ideas.
  8. Yeah!!!! Considering what you get for $40 with the Fearson product, it's a steal. The DVD itself is awesome plus you special card deck for a deck levitation, a special ice cube for an ice levitation, and finally a special fork for a fork levitation :).
  9. The MLS is like those taco kits, you get all the stuff and more aesome stuff, and it's cheaper then having to buy the wraps, then the meat, cheese, and if you're like me you probably throw some hot sauce in there and it costs more and it tastes the same . that's my summary of it in male terms.
  10. LOL... Well Steve's put a heck of a lot of new stuff into this, never before seen new work on his hook-up. Awesome work with food (don't ask, but the McDonalds Routine is golden here), his brand new FU Utility (a simple gimmick to aid in the hook-up's performance, especially if you are not "well equipped" for the hook-up inthe first place)... it even includes, as a bonus, the fantastic Area 51 routine, which is basically a floating alien glob that goes insane and ends up flying out of your house and literally up into space... like, you can actually watch the thing float higher and higher into the night sky until it is out of sight. LOTS of information here.
  11. Now with the lowered price of Tarantula

    I'm also looking into getting either the Tarantula or the MLS. With the lowered price of Tarantula, are the above posters still feel the same way? Meaning, aside from the price, is MLS still recommended? I have a beginner beginner to IT.

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