J. Bayme Effect

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TheoryGV, Sep 30, 2008.

  1. Yeah that's right, he used to go a-performing for E over there...
  2. ok just thought it was interesting
  3. Hey, thats not his effect, hes just performing it.
    The actual trick doesnt come with a video, its just the traditional Coin Bend
    J.B. is only performing it for the promo.
  4. That is weird. I would have never expected it:p
  5. if i remember JB performed a card trick on an ellusionst dvd (two card monte thing)
    it was really funny/cool

    just so u know
  6. duh, it guess it is ironic that he was making videos for ellusionist now he is the CEO of a rival compony of them. yup thats irony.
  7. Ya i remember there was already 2 threads about this
  8. look like i read this thread b4 , haha

    Who got buy superman trick?
  9. Superman is by Canadian magic craftsman Roy Kueppers.
  10. I own superman, great effect.
    Great for walkaround.

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