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  1. That was a cool video actually (mostly because it was Jackie Chan, not so much because of the magician :p). I wouldn't say the performance was poor, but he could have made it a little more interesting in my opinion. Jackie seemed to love it, so thats cool, he performed it well enough. All this does is make me confident that if I ever meet someone famous, I can actually entertain them effectively. It's nice to know that just because people are extremely successful and famous, that a simple card trick can really make them smile like they are kids on the playground who found a 5 dollar bill.
  2. lol.........have you guys seen Jackie Chan do Crazyman's handcuffs?
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    As for the video. I thought it was cool to see Jackie have a good time. I do agree with some of the other posts though. The magician wasn't the best. Nonetheless, not terrible either. =)
  4. if that "magician" isn't terrible, who is?
    his infamous snap change has "surprised" the magic community here in hk.
  5. lol.

    That's actually the first card trick I ever learned.
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    And I said his performance was poor not that it sucks. The thing is Mcdonalds Aces was meant to look like like real magic like the Aces visually dissapear into thin air not look my mechanics are tricking you and I took all that was magical in this trick out of it. For those that know what Im talking about they'll understand.

  7. Haha, you Westerners all look the same to me. :p

    That was a pretty poor performance. If my eyes didn't deceive me, the Bicycle Ace changed into a Bee Ace. Interesting... that's where the real magic is.

    Jackie Chan's awesome.

    For those who know who he is, Jay Chou has been doing some magic too! There are clips of him performing some card tricks on television, and this is an interesting advertisement for a cellphone where he does some nice vanishes and productions.



    - harapan. magic!
  8. His performance had no presentation. "Look the ace is on bottom and now it's changed". At least show that the ace has disappeared. As for Jackie watching magic,:p

  9. I'm a fan of Jay's music...but his magic, not so much.

    Believe it or not, Stephen Fung (the guy who performed to Jacky Chan) is one of the best magicians for laymen in Hong Kong... (ah well, judge it yourself after you watched his performance...)

    Anyway, personally, it's not easy to perform magic to most people from Hong Kong; for them, magicians are conman/cheaters. And they don't like the feeling of being deceived.
  10. Well, I don't think the performance was bad but I think it could have been better. Also, it's hard to tell with them speaking a different language, but I didn't see much enthusiazum with the magician.

    however, the fact that it was Jackie Chan was pretty cool. Anyway, nice video.
    Dylan P.

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