JACKS & JOKERS apparel

hi theory11..
since JACKS & JOKERS shirt launch in theory11 i fall in love with the design and the quality already..
any plan to add more collection such as the hoodies and vintages shirt..??
i save money to buy the new collection..

can theory11 tell when will be launch??
Jun 6, 2010
Nashville, TN
Oh you silly person. Theory11 never announces when the launch of something will be unless it's really soon, and they especially don't tell what it's going to be. Just wait. You'll find out when it's time for you to find out.
Apr 5, 2009
dude i'd be all over these shirts if they weren't so cashy. and yes i know t11 sells them cheaper than the designer. still too much.


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Jul 22, 2010
Melbourne, Australia
You don't know that.
Yes i do.

All backorders of Smoke are out the door or about to be handed over to their respective shipping companies. The trucks are being loaded as we speak. If your order contained any gear like the Jacks and Jokers t's / hats, those are still awaiting shipment. We expect more stock of our gear section to be in any day now. We also have a little surprise in that area so stay tuned.

Regarding the extra holiday cards placed in orders prior to the actual contest beginning - that's true. A majority of the orders that were back-ordered were lucky enough to have the Holiday Cards included. I can't say exactly which ones but we tried out best to include as many as possible. Consider it a thank you for your patience.

Have a rock'n holiday!

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BANG-ON! I'm not sure if you have these around you but they are stores that you can get custo designs on clothing.
Check it out, I hope to do a few shirts soon, I'm sure you could find a way to get some designs like these on some stuff: http://bang-on.com/

another great website...^^
but hope J&J apparels sell cheap in T11 gear..
they said its around 70$ for hoodies....
hope to get cheaper

or i have to wait for another sale in T11..
maybe during Xmas they got sale??
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