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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by inedhowetrust89, Dec 11, 2010.

  1. hi theory11..
    since JACKS & JOKERS shirt launch in theory11 i fall in love with the design and the quality already..
    any plan to add more collection such as the hoodies and vintages shirt..??
    i save money to buy the new collection..

    can theory11 tell when will be launch??
  2. Oh you silly person. Theory11 never announces when the launch of something will be unless it's really soon, and they especially don't tell what it's going to be. Just wait. You'll find out when it's time for you to find out.
  3. dude i'd be all over these shirts if they weren't so cashy. and yes i know t11 sells them cheaper than the designer. still too much.
  4. Yeah. I'm with you. I absolutely love the shirts but no way I'm paying that much.
  5. Keep your eyes posted. I think we will be hearing some news about this in the coming weeks.

  6. You mean you're making a guess because you don't truly know but want to give the impression that you know?
  7. They said its coming on wednesday..
    Yeah i hope T11 its true;$
  8. While the quality the best i wont argue much..
    I just love the hoodies design..
  9. No ... I'm saying keep your eyes posted because they will be announcing some relevant news in the coming weeks. :)

  10. You don't know that.
  11. Yes i do.
    The thread this was posted in can be found HERE
  12. The Jacks and Jokers video, has shirts that have not been released soo. Put two and two together.

    Wish they were like mid 20$ range.

  13. Yeah if they were cost effective i would stock up and wear them all the time.
    Really cool but really expensive.

  14. BANG-ON! I'm not sure if you have these around you but they are stores that you can get custo designs on clothing.
    Check it out, I hope to do a few shirts soon, I'm sure you could find a way to get some designs like these on some stuff: http://bang-on.com/
  15. another great website...^^
    but hope J&J apparels sell cheap in T11 gear..
    they said its around 70$ for hoodies....
    hope to get cheaper

    or i have to wait for another sale in T11..
    maybe during Xmas they got sale??

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