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  1. I've seen many people go from one phase of the J5 to another without starting over. Do they teach that on the triology?
  2. its supposed to be one 32 sec. long flourish

  3. Dang you post alot.Wrong section by the way.

    What do you mean by starting over?
  4. He thought Jackson 5 was supposed to be 5 separate flourishes.

    And to answer the original question, yes, it is taught in the trilogy.
  5. Like, first you do madonna, and then you have to square up the deck to the sybilism, and then skater cut, and then leno cut, and then genesis. And I do post a lot by the way.:D
  6. They dont teach you the transitions. But in essence, it is six (yes, i said six) Seperate flourishes.

    Madonna, Sybilism, Skater, Five faces of Sybil, Leno cut/display and genesis.

    All seperate cuts, just crammed onto one.
  7. well the whole sequence goes together.If one wishes to,they can do all phases as seperate flourishes.
  8. Yes, it is 5 separate flourishes, but by watching closely, you can see in the Trilogy how they transition into eachother. It just flows


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  9. at the end of the j5 section (after the explaination of genesis) theres an overview of the whole move together, even if you dont watch that part its pretty straight forward...
  10. yeah they teach the transitions in the overview but you really have to pay attention.

    and by the way there are 6 flourishes.
  11. There are more sections than just General Discussion. Try cardistry next time :)

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