James Swain's Mr. Lucky Gambling Scam

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  1. I call this the Tissue Scam. I got the idea for doing this from James Swain's novel Mr. Lucky, I asked Mr. Swain where he got the idea from.. and he got it from Steve Forte.

    The scam starts at the blackjack/21 table and the dealer palms the small cards out of the deck, i.e low value cards 2 thru 8 the more cards that are palmed off the table, the more the deck is rich in big cards 10's & Aces, which means it is an advantage for the players.

    On the table is a tissue box, so when the dealer palms off the cards which are held in the left hand dealing position..he grabs a tissue and wipes his nose, he tosses the palmed cards and the tissue into a small garbage bin near the 21 table, on the floor.

    After a lot of small cards are out of the deck, the crooked dealers partners come in with the BIG bets, and as the game continues..the more they win!

    And after the end of the crooked dealers shift is over he is required to count the cards face-up for the camera, so during the count, he accidently drops one card on the floor, and at the same time, he kicks over the garbage bin on the floor..and picks up all the held out cards and puts them back on the table to finish his count.

    And that's the tissue scam in a nutshell. I do expose how I palm cards off of the table, many lay people know that cards can be palmed off of the deck, so I don't feel bad about exposing the palm.

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