Oct 14, 2007
Burbank, CA
Is anyone else disappointed in Jaqk cards? I opened a deck played around with it once and when I took it out again a week later it was all "jaqked" up! It clumped up fans and just felt old; all I can think of is once air hits it it starts to lose it's stability? I kept mine in my room where it is dark and cool. I love the look of it but it would never be used for performing in my opinion. Even if you just use it for flourishing that seems impractical too as it has a short lifespan in as far as certain flourishes are concerned.
Feb 1, 2011
haha , perhaps you did not wash your hands before handling the cards ?? which all your oils in your hand is transferred to the playing card causing it to 'jaqked' up .
I absolutely love these cards i haven't had a problem with em. Maybe its what Raihan said you just didn't wash your hands before you use. I always wash my hands before i practice with my cards not because I'm a germophobe or anything but i just want to make my cards last longer.
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