Jason England - Foundations 2?

Feb 25, 2010
I asked this months ago and never got a reply from theory11. I'd very much like to get a reply now.

Jason England has been putting out a good number of 1-on-1 videos. Months ago, you put out a DVD titled "Foundations" which collected a number of the early ones. Are you planning on doing another DVD like this from Jason's latest 1-on-1s?


ceo / theory11
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Jul 23, 2007
New York City
Absolutely. We have been waiting until enough content was complete to justify (and fill) the next volume of Foundations, but this has always been on the horizon and is now close to completion.


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Jun 18, 2008
Los Angeles, CA
I guess this is good and bad news at the same time since I pretty much pick up whatever Jason puts out on 1 on 1 right away. I guess I'll never be able to take advantage of the saving some of you out there will get for buying the DVD instead of the 1 on 1s. Nonetheless, I really enjoy watching all of your work Jason. Thanks to JB/T11 for producing all the wonderful 1 on 1s!!!
Feb 25, 2010
Good and bad news indeed! I can probably afford to buy the riffle stacking 1-on-1 to tide me over, and then wait for the rest on DVD. Good to know, thanks for the quick reply (this time around :)).
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