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  1. Hey everyone! I am happy to announce a great interview with Jason England. Jason is an authority on gambling sleights and offers some good advice on making demonstrations that entertain the lay audience as well as the gambling enthusiast.

  2. Great interview! On your guide to traditionally cut cards, however, you state, "Traditionally cut playing cards are when a card is cut back to face, instead of the usual face to back." Traditionally cut cards are cut face to back. As the blade passes through the cards,from face to back, it slightly curves up the edge of the stock. That is why a brand new traditionally cut deck feels much more smooth when you riffle up the back of the deck with your right thumb. That is also the easiest and fastest way of determining if a deck is traditionally cut. The standard now is back to face, so the cards faro most easily face up, which is unfortunate for anyone wanting to do really proper table work.
  3. Awesome stuff, what a great insight. Jason is always one of the most interesting people to talk to. I can listen to him speak about anything for hours - sometimes I do and the next thing I know - it's 4 in the morning.
  4. LOL...I know! I was in just about to correct my mistake before someone caught me! Oh well:eek: To late! I never tried that technique to determine if a deck is a trad cut. You mind if I add that bit of knowledge?
  5. You are lucky to have that kind of access! I could think about 100 other questions I would like to ask him. Indeed, this interview created even more questions I would like to ask. Fortunately he is very good at answering questions that pop up on the forums here. He is very generous with his time.
  6. I can't stand this! I got a new deck of phoenix cards and I couldn't figure out why they wouldn't faro right!

    Great interview by the way :)

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