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    The third and final tutorial will be released today for The Athena. The video will indeed be using Kicklight. Since the creation of my first Kicklight, which became the most viewed Kicklight of all time, I have become more acquainted with the technology and should provide a much better learning experience for The Athena than The C_M_C Cut.

    -get ready-


    -wollof ot oediv erom eno-
    -noitasrevnoc lacitirc a-
  2. Already excited... :D

    What do ^^ these mean?

    Thanks for all your contributions.

    I appreciate your hard work.

    Much respect,

  3. "One more video to follow
    A critical conversation"

  4. I was just about to say that... oh poo lol
  5. Quick thing to note:

    I am trying to get the Kicklight on to T11's media section. If they cannot put it up, I will put the link to the tutorial here. It's published now, if you can find it!


  6. Dang, I like it. I'll try learning it later. Thanks Soll!

    I have seen people like Luka do something similar, but w/e.
  7. A little bit of history:

    Ideas like this have been floating around for a long time. When I released this flourish for the first time, in my video entitled The J Way, which released within the first week of Decknique's existence, nobody else had accomplished the move. Scott and Sean has a similar move that executed the fan from above, whereas my version does it from the bottom.

  8. great tutorial jason just finished it this is my seconed favorite right after the stag.

    ps can't wait
  9. Jason, excellent. This fan looks nice and it is easy to learn !.
  10. These tutorials are great. Really awesome of you to put these out for free. You also did a great job on these.

    Props to you Jason. :)

  11. Exactly what I was going to say. These tutorials are really well done
  12. The Stag was by far my Favorite, Thank you for putting these cut's out, their great.
  13. Agreed. And as Sinful said, crazy awesome of you to do these for free. You have my respect man.

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