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  1. He hit the nail on the head in my opinion. I've had the exact same experiences. I'm glad to see a top name finally step up and say it.

    From his newsletter:

  2. For magic its best to stay away from fancy decks but with XCM its totally different.
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    I've said it before and I'll say it again; if your spectators are doubting you because of the deck you're using, it's your fault, not the deck's. If you're getting these accusations, there's something wrong with your performance, not the deck.

    Regular decks can also be accused of being trick decks. It's all in how you handle it and how you introduce the cards. I have used Ghosts (and more recently Shadow Masters) in performances for a long time and the times I have had someone call me out on the deck is in single digits (but that's excluding the ones that remark how cool the cards are and how they want a pack).

    It is the magician that either does or does not express fairness. Not the deck.
  4. I agree, it is the presentation that is the problem, not the deck.

    I would like to hear what Steve has to say...
  5. This is not completely true. I COMPLETELY agree with Mr. Sankey. A funny looking deck always arises suspicion. About 75% of the time, when I use a Ghost/Tiger/Guardian deck, i'm asked if it's a trick deck BEFORE I even begin the effect, so no, it's not necessarily the performers fault. Regular Red/Blue baked Bikes are common, and nobody ever asks me if they're gimmicked cards when I use them. EVER. People aren't used to seeing a black deck, or a white deck with a funny name, so they will, most of the time, ask you about it. Especially in the era we now live in, where people know about gimmicks in magic. Mr. Sankey explained this perfectly. I'll stick to regular Red/Blue backed Bikes for now.

    Anthony Bass
  6. I agree with the original statement. Custom cards do rise much speculation. IF for some reason somebody decided to print it (bikes) on better stock....THAT would be the new hit.
  7. ROFL

    i have been saying this on here over and over again
  8. I salute you for it. (there's no "salute" smilie....maybe there should be)

    Anthony Bass
  9. funny how people will respond when a pro says it
    but not when someone on a forum says it

    and thanks a lot
  10. Speak for yourself there. I was being quite literal there when I said the number of times I have been called out on my decks is in the single digits.
    Really? I'd say that happens to me less than 5% of the time I'm performing. Now either I'm doing something right, you're doing something wrong, or I'm just picking all the stupid spectators.

    May I ask, and this is a serious question: how do you introduce the custom decks when you perform with them?
  11. That's why I like the Masters edition Deck. Also, the Guardians are very similar to regular playing cards. Just the back design is new. So I don't consider the guardians strange, like the others. I understand what people are saying though, although I'm not as dogmatic.
    Personally, I wouldn't use most custom decks when performing for someone who I've never met before. But if someone has already seem ny magic, it's not an issue anymore.
  12. I was being quite literal when I said just about everybody suspects a trick deck when it looks funny.

    I don't introduce them. It's a friggen deck of cards, they shouldn't need to be introduced. I shouldn't have to waste time explaining myself over a deck of cards. I should be able to pull them out, and perform.

    Anthony Bass
  13. For you. Now I'm begging you; speak for yourself.
    If you feel that way, then custom decks are not for you and you should stop arguing their absurdness just because they don't work for you.

    At the start of every custom deck performance, I say something like this while I'm fanning and dribbling the cards: "You'll notice that the cards are black instead of white. Unusual, yes, but I like them because...I'm just pretentious like that.". It usually gets a laugh, and in my character, works excellently to condition the spectators of the fact that this is just a normal deck of cards. And f you look up the definition of pretentious (claiming or demanding a position of distinction or merit, especially when unjustified), it fits my performing style very well, so this line works for me (will this line work for everyone? No, but it works for my performing character so well that I include it in every custom deck performance that I do).

    Oh, and that line I use is based off of a line I heard somewhere else (I forget if it was on a forum or in a video). If anyone knows of someone that uses a line like that, PLEASE tell me so that I can credit them from here on.

    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease speak for yourself custom deck haters. Just because they don't work for you does not mean they don't work.
  14. I can see both edges of the sword here. On one hand, the cards look freakin sweet, and more often than not handle like a dream. I also agree that it is mostly how you handle the cards, not how they look.

    However, I do agree with Mr. Sankey that spectators like familiarity and it makes them comfortable. Oh well, to each his own...
  15. Again, you shouldn't have to explain yourself over a deck of cards. Even if they didn't say so out loud, I'm willing to bet that they were suspicious about whatever deck you use.

    Go back to my previous posts, and PLEASE find a place where I said they don't work for everyone. Most people, including myself (and obviously ten others) get heckled over a mysterious looking deck. And please do not label us as "Custom Deck Haters". I personally am not a "hater". But, I do believe that custom decks should be used with caution. If you don't mind getting heckled, and wasting time explaining yourself, then by all means, go on using whatever deck you want. Custom decks, in my eyes, are only appropriate for flourishing.

    Anthony Bass
  16. I agree with Sankey. For me, It usually doesn't matter what cards I use, I don't make them look all important, I make whoever I'm performing the important one.

    I agree. Also, sometimes people ask me if it's a trick deck out of amusement. It's quite fun to mess with their minds like that :)

  17. Steve thinks it's the deck...period.

    How can it not be?? Really, think about it for a second. If you'd pulled out a regular deck of cards, would they have said anything? Chances are, they wouldn't have questioned the deck at all. BUT, if you pull out a "custom" deck, yea, they'd probably say something.

    Why?! Because laymen have never seen such a deck! NEVER. They don't go on magic sites looking for special decks...and as far as they're concerned, they don't even know that to many other decks exist. Ask a laymen to estimate the number of different decks there are...I'm willing to bet you'd be surprised.

    So..there's what Steve had to say about it. :D

    Take care,
  18. bluebackedbikes
    please answer my question

    do you use brand name objects?
    or secondary ones that noone has ever heard of?

    PERSONALLY the only time i think custom decks should be used is when you are performing for fellow magicians.
    using a regular deck of bikes is just something that people recognize and arent put off right away thinking "there might be something tricky about those cards"
  19. sry double post

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