JDENnugget Playing Cards

(James Earl Jones voice)

A New Era In Custom Playing Cards.

Quality That Makes "Smoke & Mirrors" Look Like A Cheap Parlor Trick.

The Kind Of Finish That Would Save Your Life On A Dessert Island.

Grab Some Of JDENs Nuggets... So Hot, They'll Make Your Hands Sweat.
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Why when I left click, a pop up appears, that says "Sorry, no can do buddy?"
Is this to prevent people from saving it? because I can drag and drop the imag on my desktop, also, after the message goes away, the save message appears.
But good job, I like them lol, are you going to get them made into real cards?
Yer I have right click protection on my site, its more because I dont want people looking at my code. Its disabled in Opera if you have it.

http://jdenredden.info/Cool/2009/March/28-3- JDENnugget/Playing Card (Blue).png <-- Use that as a template to download them, just replace (Blue) with the colour. PM me for High Quality versions.

I doubt Ill make them into real cards. Maybe one or two through USPCC customized playing cards thing. It was more for making me "Un-bored'.

Lol. Right click protection is funny. I used to have that on my websites back when I was a youngster.

... you're 18... I just got a laugh out of it. Nothing personal ;).

I use to get around that with Microsoft Word if I really wanted something from another page. Doesn't always work out though.

I never got your username, is it like, BenjaMIND or Benjamin D?

*buzz* What is, Bend Ya Mind (I could be wrong). I'll take "Bumpin Uglies" for $200... That's todays, "Daily Double"!
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