Jennifer Garner is a secret magician

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Deryn, Dec 21, 2018.

  1. Probably not. Probably just a fashion statement but I was watching tv and saw her new credit card commercial. She's in a library so she's whispering with her hand to the side of her mouth. She's wearing a magician's ring on her middle finger. Properly, the style of ring is called a double wishbone ring. Just thought it was kind of cool to think that Jennifer Garner may be a magician

    Here's the commercial:
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  2. Wow that would have been cool. I don't know anything much about the ring but it's cool to see that you noticed it
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  3. Why are you looking at her ring? Just kidding ha ha.
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  4. I see what you did there.. to answer your question, because there isn't much else she's been in that's worth looking at (Electra)
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  5. Just curious, where can you find double wishbone rings?
  6. I've found them on ebay. They're measured in British units (whatever they measure with) so be prepared to do some converting

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