Jerry Nuggets for $399 and 11 other decks

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by krab, Feb 26, 2014.

  1. wow last time i bought a pack of jerrys niggets they were 300 bucks a peice
    (I did not pay that much)
  2. What you are you are buying is one deck for $300 and eleven other rare decks for $99.
  3. Scoop that deal up man
  4. I didn't get mine years ago for less than $10 a deck I would jump on these.
  5. The other decks.

    Pre-release deck of your choice A) Smith No. 3 or B) Owl Eyes or C) Sharps
    Shooting Star (1980s casino, rare!)
    Special Edition "Black Box" Skull & Bones (never sold)
    Bicycle Tall Stacks (rare!)
    Erdnase 1902 Red Acorn
    Erdnase 1902 Green Acorn
    Erdnase 1902 Blue Smith No. 2
    Erdnase 1902 Red Smith
    Global Titan
    Pr1me No1r
  6. Honestly, I hate the CARC decks. The global titans are by far the worst deck I've ever handled that claimed to be well made. The others are just decks they can't get rid of and aren't rare. With the exception of the nuggets, the skull and bones and the shooting star. I wouldn't pay that much for a bunch of decks that will just collect dust. As much as I'd like to buy a deck of JN I just can't see spending that kinda money for it. I'd rather buy a few bricks of my favorite decks and some new books then buy this.
  7. Are you talking about not handling well for cardistry or for magic because they are two different things. I'm tired of seeing good decks get bad reviews because they do not "handle" well. If they can and shuffle and have red and black pips they are great for magic. In the higherarchy of card use it is card games magic then cardistry.
  8. Krab1, sorry I haven't had my internet working for a while, terrifying! What I mean by the handling is try actually don't shuffle well, other than an over hand shuffle, right out of the box, the stick terribly. They don't faro at all and they clump right out of the box during a thumb and a one handed fan. Unable to waterfall and the gold ink gets all over your hands. I use them mainly to make demo versions of gimmicked cards so I can practice without ruining my other decks. I tried to like them, I really did, but they just feel like a deck from a dollar store. The design is nice and the box is sturdy but the cards just fall very short of expectations. I recently switched to Phoenix decks and I'm very happy with those, especially for the price for a brick and te free shipping is great too. I have some of the Bee Erdnase decks that they made with Dan an Dave and those were great but the Legends and then the Global titans just were horrible.

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