Jerry Nuggets VS. Wynns

Hey I went and got my Wynn's in the mail today. After waiting for them to get up to room temp, here's my review of the two....a side by side comparison.

In a short review, the two decks are definitely different. The Jerry's are more stiff and more thin than the Wynn's. When I flick them, the Nuggets make a more higher pitched noise, while the Wynn's are more low pitched.

The Jerry's are also about 10 cards more thin than the Wynn's. If you take away ten cards from the Wynn's (go ahead...I'll wait), that's how thick a deck of Nuggets is.

Overall though, I do like the Wynn's. They handle nice enough, and the change of back design is different and pleasing to the eyes. They are also a very nice change in style as opposed to all the black decks and other weird decks out there today. I'll probably end up picking up another brick to actually use in my close-up shows every now and again, just because I could get away with it because they do look elegant enough.

(And yes, enough with the jumbo index. That's actually a good thing though, because when I'm doing a show, there can be anywhere from 10-30 people sitting in chairs watching me perform...the jumbo index makes it easy to see from a distance)

Here are some pics I took from my cell...enjoy! ;)
(Jerry's on left, Wynn's on right!)



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Aug 31, 2007
Thanks. Great review, I really appreciate it.

I really need to pick up some of those Wynns.
Thanks everyone! Glad y'all liked it!

As for the questions...I'd have to say they're a bit more stiff than your average deck of bikes...

As for if they're worth the hype or not, that's a personal opinion. Me, I'll be picking up a few more tonight. :)

Sep 1, 2007
hey dude nice review! i have only one question tho...are they stiff?

I have a deck(well actually six)and they're pretty stiff, but not too stuff. I'm guessing Jerrys are stiffer but I've never handled them so I'd have to say that Wynns are the stiffest decks I've ever handled. I love them.

...And, Eddie, I think they're worth the hype. They're just plain awesome.
Sep 1, 2007
Philadelphia, PA

Hope you don't mind I am going to attach a few pics to compare them to other decks. Masters decks are about 3 cards thicker than Wynns, Split Spades and my TH9/Vipers are about 1 maybe 2 cards thinner than Wynns.

Overall I really like the decks and I will be picking more up before they are all gone. I am not a huge fan of the jumbo index but the way these handle it is worth it and for card magic they are especially nice for those with bad eyesight.


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