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    are you serious?

    Talk about "fanboys" and their

    I am sorry but that is the stupidest thing in the world and an ABSOLUTE waste of $$..

    I seen some kid trying to sale those on eBAY.. Sure some "fanboy" will buy them jsut like they bought black jerrys..

    Don't even get me started on the black jerrys.. LOL.. If you own a deck of those you TRULY are one of the biggest "fanboys" in the world...

    This thing is first off a forgery.. It's not AUTHENTIC WHAT SO EVER.. It is not DONE by the USPCC.. I could print this thing out on my PRINTER for alot less $$..

    That is exactly what some kid is trying to do to make a quick buck off fanboys..

    Jsut like selling black jerrys.. Those aqre jsut $19.95 made cusotm bikes.. They are FAKE as all hell and nothing like a REAL deck of jerrys.. But stupid FANBOYS pay $200usd for a deck of them like an idiot..

    When they could simply spend $19.95 buy 2 custom decks and get the 3rd free.. lol..

    This is even worst.. This litho thing.. Its not authentic USPCC anything.. I or any1 could print one out on my printer.. Its jsut stupid and dumb and a complete waste of $$..

    And its completely fine if you don't agree with me, you are entitled to you wrong opinion...
  2. Jeez. I'm starting to think I should give up performing magic, and just make spinoffs of Jerry's and sell them on eBay instead.
  3. lol Hilarious.
  4. Tells us how you really feel?

    You are right - the only person that should be cashing in on the card craze is you and your ebay store?!

    It is funny you don't make fun of people in general for spending more than a few bucks on a pack of cards, because why does the back even matter?

    Truthfully AceKing I am a bit surprised at you, of all people, voicing this kind of thing. I have bought decks from you in the past, and have paid MORE than the value just because I want to add them in my collection. This kind of comment is how you push customers away.

    You should be embracing this kind of thing - as it has made you a revenue?!

    Lastly, when I was a kid, I spent money on comics, or cards...because I like them - I don't think anyone needs your permission on how they spend their money - unless you are a qualified Financial Planner - truthfully, I won't buy the posters - but there is obviously a market for them.

    Nothing is a waste of money if it means something to someone - or do you REALLY believe that diamonds are worth what they cost, and a BMW is worth more than a GM - or that my cell phone should cost 300 and another 100? Things have a price for a reason...and things of no value, have value through perception.

    This is basic marketing - why is this a continual discussion.

    AceKing - you lost my business - I had 6 decks of yours saved as my favourites for this month...but I don't want to be a "fanboy".
  5. Im in tears, beautiful!
    One of the most inspiring art displays i have ever seen, the red, the text, the typography. The top and bottom slips are crap but the rest is just beautifully designed.


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    hey morgician

    Listen closely man,

    First and foremost this thing ISN'T even AUTHENTIC!!!! It's a RIPOFF, it's jsut like damn BLACK JERRYS being a RIPOFF!!! They dont EXIST!! Its someone PRINTING something on a printer and trying to sell it to make a PROFIT...

    This litho thing , is not sanctioned by the jerry nugget casino or by the USPCC.. Its not authentic, its a RIPOFF..

    Secondly, I suggest you continue to buy decks off of AceKING on eBAY.. As I am not that AceKing... I don't have an eBay Store...
    Aceking is a great seller and I ahve dealt with him personally.. He has nothing to do with any of this...

    And further more it s not like he is getting his own cards printed and trying to sell them as AUTHENTIC LITHOS or AUTHENTIC decks. This thing is a knockoff, it not AUTHENTIUC, its not USPCC..

    Really it shoudln't even be ALLOWED to be SOLD using the JERRY NUGGET logo without permission..


    morgician Dont even get me started on DIAMONDS and the actual cost of them. Its funny you brought this up as an example but, I have experience with the RIDICULOUS OVERPRICED COST of DIAMONDS.. Recently, jsut alst week, I jsut spent $5000 cash on an engagement ring for my fiance..

    It's a beautiful ring, and I got it at Jared's Galleria of Jewelers...

    But of COURSE I OVERPAID through my you know what! But the girl is happy, so I am happy and that REALLY all that matters...

    So if some kid is happy buying a knockoff LITHO then let them buy it and be happy with their KNOCKOFF..

    What makes me mad is these ppl who do these things jsut to make a buck.. This thing is a knockoff, its not AUTHENTIC, and I cor you could prob. print a bette rone on your own printer at your house..

    But if you or any1 else wants to waste your $$ on these, then go right ahead.. As long as you are happy, then I am happy..

    Best Regards..
  7. Hey Cubic zirconia is like a diamond...and is like a fake nuggets.

    I wasn't aware anyone thought these were sanctions - actually, I sold one of those knock off decks of nuggets - stating cleary THIS IS NOT A REAL DECK OF NUGGETS - IT IS PRINTED BY BICYCLE, etc..I was very clear that I got them made in different colours...hoping to get 10 bucks for them...they went for 135 US -, fake or not - there is a market.

    Speaking of fake - does ACE KING know you use his name?

    If they claim they are legit...fine, have a beef, but dude - there is a market - people are cashing in on it - BUYER BEWARE!

    Congrats on getting engage - another one bites the dust.
  8. WIN!

    Total pwnage. I thought is was AceKing - the link doesn't even link to his eBay!

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    use his name?

    LOL... li think his name is ACE-KING1 ... Did you ever notice the #1..

    AND I have been using the name xACEXKINGX for my poker accounts and other accounts for YEARS!!

    Long before, I even knew of a seller called AceKING1 on eBay..

    So maybe he is using my name..

    yea, thats what I do, create accounts pretending to be some1 else that I am not.. That is as bad as printing RIP OFF LITHOS and trying to SALE them as AUTHENTIC..

    And as for your BLACK JERRY decks printed by bicycle.. They are RIP OFFs TOO!! Any REAL cardician knows the way an authentic deck of Jerrys handles compared to a ripoff deck of jerrys jsut because it is printed by bicycle.. It is simplt a custom deck.. Again, it is not SANCTIONED or AUTHENTIC at all and is PHONY and FAKE, and if you want to waste $150usd on crappy "personalized bike decks" go ahead..

    Any real magician or collector knows what REAL jerrys feel like and I promise you that is nothing like the personalized bike decks ppl are buying for $!50usd..

    Listen if you want to buy a deck of black jerrys save yourself $120usd and go and send a picture to the uspcc personalzied bike division and ahve them print 3 decks for you at $20usd each..

    Buy 2 get the 3rd FREE with a promo.. Because that is what you are paying $150+ for..

    If ppl are dumb enough to waste their $$ on NON authentic, phony , rip off stuff let them..

    As long as they are happy.. But for the price you are going to pay for the black ones, do yourself a favor and go and buy a deck of the real ones for the SAME PRICE!! You will like them alot better...


    You are right.. There is a MARKET for it.. And the ppl that buy the stuff are nothing more than "FANBOYS" who are idiots..

    However this fake **** shoudln't be promoted on these forums.. It's not AUTHENTIC and its PHONY..

    Hmm.. here's something for you to think about.., I wonder why ppl are promoting the products here at the T11 forums??

    I wonder if they are trying to target a particular "group"
  10. OOH what a difference.

  11. Geez, I dont care if its Authentic or what ever. I just think it looks nice, and I want one.

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    I dont know you and i wasn't referring to you specifically in previous comments about black jerrys..

    I have a REAL DISLIKE for these black jerry decks and the ppl that try to sell them for $100+ and make $$ off of them..

    I dont know who this michael herpies is but maybe you are him..

    I don't know..

    ALL i do know is that these decks are NOT REAL, NOT AUTHENTIC and are nothing like jerrys..

    If ppl want to buy them send in a pic to custom bike division and get some printed for yourself..

    Because that is aLL they are!! are custom bikes "personalized buy 2 get 1 FREE"

    if you want to spend $150usd on a deck then go ahead...

    You would be better off tho buying the real things..

    What is going to HAPPEN AGAIN eventually, is someone is going to PRINT off FAKE JERRYS again.. It will be more sophisticated and better QUALITY cards and harder to tell.. This eventually is going to happena gain as you stated, THERE IS A MARKET FOR THIS STUFF...

    And when there is a market for something, there is always some1 there trying to fill a void...

    And if you are dumb enough to waste your $$ on a deck of BLACK JERRYS in the first place then you deserve to waste your $$ on junk...

    Now I am done talking about the subject.. I wish you the best morgician and if you pare michael herpies then I wish continued success in your endeavor.. But it still is not right..

    Come up with your own DESIGN and MARKETING rather than riding the coat tails of other great magicians like vernon, marlo, etc who made jerrys what they are today.......

    AT JdenRedden,

    Well if you don't care that is NOT AUTHENTIC and like the way it looks and STILLW ANT to buy one then that is your RIGHT..

    I hope you ENJOY it man.. As long as the person selling them STATES clearly, that they aren't AUTHENTIC and are FAKES then I think taht should be done at least... But the truth is.. It is not..

    I would bet you the majority of PPL that buy these things end up thinking they are REAL and are AUTHENTIC..

    Same with the BLACK jerrys.. PPL see o0o, bicycle, they must be REAL and authentic...

    Its not like they say in the title, these are knock off fakes , nothing more than "personalized bikes"

    No they say, RARE only a FEW printed ever LIMITED to only 6 decks.. this is the last one buy it now $200usd..

    And ppl that buy them think tehy are real and authentic and the truth is they are knockoffs that aren't sanctioned..

    And I ams ure you are not michael herpies morgician, but ti slike come up with your OWN deisgn...

    The reason jerrys are what they are is becuase all of the greatest magicians in the world have used them..

    From vernon to Marlo, to more recently the buck twins... These great cardicians make jerrys what they are...

    And it is just a FRAUD seeing some1 capitalizoing and profiting off of there coat tales..

    Now for. ex, morgician you siad you sold your deck, you CLEARLY stated it was not an authentic deck of jerrys and was custom made and all that and that is being DECENT and HONESt..

    Not you but others when they sale them, they do not mention these things to the buyers.. and that is jsut wrong...

    Now enough about stupid knock off jerry products.. I amg onig to go read some of marlos, seconds, centers and bottoms and try to learn something thats actually worth talking about.. If I offended anyone, I apologize, and that was not my intention..

    All ym intention was to state my FRUSTRATION with these types of products and now I am done talknig about it.. I know I am not the only 1 that feels this way and I ams ure alot of youa gree with the way I feel..

    However, its your $$ and you can spenmd it however you want.. Buyer Beware though..
  13. Personally, I always thought buying Jerrys was a bad idea. First off, it's a lot of money (duhhhhh). Second, a specs not gonna say, "Oh my gosh!!!!! No freaking way!!!! those are Jerrys nuggets!!!!!" They're just going to think "Wow, those are ugly cards. Probably got them from the Dollar Tree." To me, it just seem a waste to spend so much money, and the spectator is just going to think they are ugly cards. If you like the feel of them, then get them. But there are much less expensive cards that look better, and feel just as good. Go ahead and get them if you like them though, but I'm sure you could spend your money on something more beneficial for you magic. (Unless of course your Chris Kenner:).

  14. Relax.

  15. Do you have another link to that video, I cant watch it in my country. Copyright or somecrap.

  16. Relax man. Chill.
  17. Guys stop bashing or this will lead to arguments, which will lead to a closed thread.

    Ace King, I believe that the majority of the people who are buying this, are buying it because it is cool. They know it isn't "authentic", they just want to hang it on their wall because it's a neat poster. Michael Herp knows fair and well that it is not authentic, nor does he ever say that is. He probably made it for himself, and then decided others might like the design too. So please, no more talk of "fraud".

    As for the black Jerrys, he made a video before he ever sold any of them, stating HOW he made them, WHERE they were made AND that they are in no way authentic or real, he just thought people would like the design. I'm sure you can find this video on youtube.

    Please everyone respect each other, I don't want to close this thread.
  18. lol!

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