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    Never Mind! I didn't print any cards or anything.
  2. Gee making a thread about where to get custom cards. Then making a thread about the jerry's back design. Don't you think people will figure out your crazy scheme to have jerry's replicas out there?

  3. lol im not going to sell them i just wanted some jerry looking cards :)
  4. Now you help do i get faces on the other side?lol
  5. Hey, counterfeits are not cool, if you look on youtube, you will see some pretty pissed off people that bought them and were none too happy. Don't do anything stupid.

  6. Exactly. People will be involved in a lawsuit if Jerry's Nugget Casino finds out that you(Michael Herp and Jerrynuggetfan) are making money off their card design and name which are copyrighted. If you are going to make cards, just don't sell them.
  7. Decknique was so pissed off it really became funny after a while... don't do anything crazy.... make use u call it Garry Nuggets :p ..... not suss :p
  8. Who is michael Herp? Someone in this thread?
  9. He made Black Jerry Nuggets, he selling them on eBay. Go cheak it out.

  10. By the way, they're not real Jerry's Nuggets. They're basically the Jerry's Nugget back design on Bicycle Stock.
  11. Guys,

    Here is just a word to the wise.

    Making anything with a Jerry's Nugget design is dangerous, as no one owns the rights but the Jerry's Nugget Casino people.

    Unless you have a form signed by them saying its OK to use the copyrighted design on ANY kind of playing card stock is kind of against the law.

    Keep that in mind.


  12. Its like if i were to print white centurions w/o permission from T11 or CK (hmm i dont know).
  13. Whoa, neva thought of that before.
    I think it would depend if T11 patented it or not.
  14. Nope, theory11 owns the copyright. You can't patent a back design or a deck of playing cards, as that is not a new invention to be patented. If you were to invent a deck of cards that can double for eating utensils, then that my friend can be patented.

    Copyright= The rights to our exclusive designs, because designs are different.

    Its like copying the melody of a song without the writers permission. Melodies are copyrighted (sheet music) because songs are not a new invention.

    Make Sense?

  15. Hey... I just invented cards that you can use as eating utensils and now somebody else is trying to take credit for it.
  16. I'm still waiting for the "Chicken Nuggets" card design.
  17. Well, to be fair I actually invented sporks you can play cards with. But that's just splitting hairs.

    Wow. Off topic. Ok. I'll print the jerry's design on the sporks. Back on topic.

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