Jerry's Nuggets Prices Announced

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by James Smith, May 5, 2009.

  1. Haha, I was just about to post this!
    Anyway, $50 ain't bad at all. It's exactly what I guessed too :D
  2. Thanks Lee.

    So I'm still trying to figure out... What time 3 EST is over here. >.>

    What time is it now, EST? >.<
  3. It should be 11:12 PM EST right now. It's 3 hours ahead of my time region(PST). It's 8:12 where I'm am.
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    $50 seems like a pretty good price for those that want the cards. I don't plan on buying any, but good luck to those who are!

    Funny that there are about a thousand threads asking about Jerry's, yet the one that says everything has almost no views or replies. Whatever, good luck to you Jerry hunters. (Jerry hunters? I'm coining that phrase.)
  5. $50? Yeah, for the first five. We know how easy it is to be the first to order something that's extremely popular. :p

    It's more accurate to mention that the price ranges from $50 to $175, with the majority being priced over $150 (you'd have to be extremely lucky to get them at or under $100), depending on how quickly you order.

    Either way, I'm out on this one. I like collectible cards as much as the next collector, but I just broke the bank purchasing True Astonishments, heh. But, good luck to all those who decide to order! :)
  6. Yeah I'm not going to be purchasing any of these either. And cm763 makes a good point. Unless you're extremely lucky you're not going to be paying 50 bucks for a deck.

    You know how fast white cents go in those release windows (if you don't the're usually sold out in under a minute ;))
  7. Not surprising at all.:) Good luck to anyone that can get the decks.
  8. Oh my god, I won the solitaire competition!!!

    No... no I didn't
  9. Not to rain on anyone's parade or anything...but even as a card collector...those prices are ridiculous. Bear in mind that some guy bought a truckload for next to nothing and now they're worth whatever someone wants to sell them for and whatever someone is prepared to pay.

    They're only cards for heavens sake. They're not a guarantee of greatness. Some people don't even think they're any good so go figure.

    Think of what you could by with around $100?

    Now think of that little deck of cardboard?

    Now imagine yourself breaking your face open on the side of a table after repeatedly smashing your head into the wood when it suddenly dawns on you that you've paid $100+ for a deck of cards to sit along side all the hundreds of other decks you already own.

    I can tell you what I'll be spending my money on, and most of it's drinkable.

  10. Wont be bothering with them, would have to be INCREDIBLY lucky to be the first 5, and any where after that, the prices are getting too high.

    Great idea by Lee, but personally I dont see a point.
  11. Also, lees cards are being released that day. They look pretty nice.
  12. I see the point because I will be one of the lucky ones. The less all of you play, the better chances I have to win a deck of my dreams! :D
  13. You will have to buy within 10 seconds I would suggest.

    And still, be very very lucky
  14. There is no way that I'm spending $50 on a deck of cards. Plus, there's no way my parents would let me buy it.
  15. Hopefully logic will prevail and we'll all realize that getting someone to pay $50 for a deck of cards is the greatest magic trick of all.....the magic of marketing. The magic of actually making you BELIEVE that the cards actually feel better when it is in your hands. Now THAT ladies and gentlemen is real magic. of those things that only matter to a very, very select group of people. Bust out them $100 cards to laymen and tell them how much you paid for it and not only will they NOT be impressed....they'll laugh at you.

    Jerry's have 2 purposes:

    1) To make money for the people who are smart enough to market this...which there is nothing wrong with that at's the basis of our capitalism.

    2) For an insecure magician to show off to another insecure magician as a way to say, "See how serious I am?".

    The greatest hypnosis of all is to make someone feel better or believe they are better by simplying paying more for an object that has no functional value.

  16. OMG Thank you so much for that post. Finally a voice of reality.

    I'm so sick of hearing, "Nuggets are the best feeling cards in the world" or "They feel way better than any other cards" or, "they are the best cards in the world."

    They are horrifically coated USPC's standard stock cards that were mass produced for 50cents a box. If they had intrinsic value as the best cards in the universe, (And USPC do produce premium quality cards at a higher price than the norm) they would have been priced accordingly at the time. These were cheap, mass produced cards. I own some Nuggets, and I can confirm, that yes....they are cards. Are they any better or any worse than the mean standard of any deck of cards produced by the USPC? NO! Are they worth 50 bucks? NO! They have collector value, fine, whatever, but don't act like you're not getting ripped off. They aren't even rare enough to justify that kind of pricing as collectibles.

    The problem with capitalist thinking is, consumers seem to believe that you 'get what you pay for' and thus convince themselves that spending 50 bucks on a deck of cards, or more for that matter makes them the 'best deck of cards ever'. Sorry, that's not true. I've heard it about white Centurions too. "They are so much better in feel to black Cents." BS guys, I have both, they feel identical, they are exactly the same in stock, except for the color of the back of the cards.

    So yeah, if you're going to buy these cards, recognize that you're doing so because they are a collectible, not because they are 'the most amazing cards ever produced that feel way better than any other type of card in the whole universe' because even if that were the case, $50 bucks for pasteboard covered in a semi toxic coating is a big ask.

    Though I suspect there are enough 15 year olds with dads credit card and an innate ability to believe hype that will be all over these and continue to perpetuate this myth as they try and make themselves feel good about the stuff they could have bought instead.
  17. Right on the money pun intended.

    The sneaky little trick is, your statement above is sometimes true. There are a lot of examples where cheap does But when it comes to things like cards....that's just one of those marketing magic that works on the easily manipulated.
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    Can't wait!
  19. I don't know if I will be buying Jerry's, but I may buy his cards.

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