Jerry's Nuggets?

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by Dylan P., May 1, 2009.

  1. So, I see countless threads, including a very recent one, where people are talking about places to buy Jerry's Nuggets cards and how expensive they are and Blah Blah BLAH!!! And Some people are even willing to pay like 200$ for these cards.

    It doesn't make sense. So I am hoping someone can answer this queston for me.

  2. They are very rare brand of cards that have a stock that tends to make them last a lot longer than most cards.
  3. i dont care how rare they are, i just think its stupid to pay THAT much for pieces of paper!
  4. So would you say the same thing about a babe Ruth base ball card? I mean, after all it is just a piece of paper. The same thing can be said about Action Comics #1 or Detective Comics #1 both of those are basically just really old pieces of paper. Yet they are worth 100 grand or so.
  5. That was my thread that he is talking about!!!:p The reason why im willing to pay 80$ for it (not 200 or 120) is because I collect cards and I think that it would be a great addition in my collection. They are also just fun to have. I DO NOT THINK THEY ARE GONNA MAKE ME BETTER AT FLOURISHING! I just want to have them. I'm just trying to find the cheapest price.
  6. Personally I think they look really cool and supposedly they handle really nicely and are great for flourishes. Also, some people like collecting rare decks. I don't desperately want any and i'm not prepared to pay the prices they go for but I can understand why people would want them.

    I don't really see why it would bother you. Always get a thread like this every few months, usually just seems like people are trying to be cool by going against what everyone else says. If you don't want them don't buy them...
  7. I just hope Smoke and Mirrors don't become rare I love them so much.
  8. The irony of the statement is that currency IS paper (not including change of course :p).

    Part of it is how they were printed. They don't print cards like that anymore. For godsakes, if you really wanna know that bad, you could always go talk to Lee Asher. Dudes crazy about these cards and he'd probably be your best bet for knowledge.
  9. Wow. Ironic! You are trading paper for paper! Nice one bro:D
  10. Well, if you got the money & then buy it. If you don't & thought that it would be more important to spend it somewhere else then don't. Just pm me the seller & I'll buy it. Period.
  11. I don't understand why you guys post the same threads over and over and over.
    truth - Jerry's are worth more than they should be.
    fact - You complaining isn't going to change that reason.
    false - teletubbies are cool.
    They don't even talk!;)

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