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  1. There's a lot of hype out there saying that jerry's nuggets are awesome, but nobody really says what they are like... so i have a few questions about them...

    1.) What do they feel like, compared to Bikes/Bee's/Guardians?

    2.) Does anybody know if it would be possible to recreate jerry's nuggets from records at USPC?

    I'm not looking at buying any, I was just wondering what's so great about them.
  2. Can't answer 1, as I've never felt them and wouldn't open the cards if I had any.

    For 2, no, you can't recreate them exactly. The finish they use is no longer an option, as it's environmentally unfriendly.

    Also, they're god awful ugly and I doubt they'd sell at all if they weren't a collector's item.
  3. thanks for your input... how exactly do you know that the finish is not an option... research?
  4. I forget where I read it, but I've seen it in several places.
  5. Thanks! That's exactly what I was looking for...
  6. I bought a deck of JN from ebay for $50.00 two weeks ago, it was pretty awesome.
  7. Im bidding on two now and they're currently resting at $48 for both! However, they have been apparently opened once.

    I'm pretty sure they aren't fakes, but i'm going to keep my fingers crossed anyway.
  8. I love Jerry's. The design makes for such nice coasters.
  9. Well i agree they are ugly, but im picking up two decks for £30 hopefully, and them im going to sell them straight off for double that each, as the seller doesn't realise how valuable they are.
  10. Hmmmm, if they were sealed, probably fake. Can we have the link?
  11. I think i agree with you, the colour is all blotchy and smeary and not just one tone. Although those appear to be pretty good counterfeits if they are so.
  12. I wasn't aware that JNs came in black? Except for the ones that were made to duplicate the design, except in black.
  13. uuhh black?
  14. Black Jerries were never produced by the USPCC.
  15. first, any jerry's other than Red and Blue are fake, also if your colors are blotchy they are probably fake. While i dont own any ive seen real ones and handled them. Personally i like the simpler design and dont find them ugly and they handle very nicely although nothing im willing to pay exorbitant prices for but than again im a college student and ramen is the culinary high life for me. Jerry's are no longer produced as the means to printing and pressing them and the finish is no longer available. They will never be reproduced, at least not in the same fashion. Fake jerry's have become very popular especially in the eastern market and have been flooded into the market. If your buying a deck for less than $80 there is a real good chance its a fake, if its not red or blue, it IS fake. Some fakes are decent copies but printed on what is essentially the same stock and finish as other modern cards, be it bikes or aviators, others are no better than paper. The only true way to know if its legit is one to buy from a respected seller, eg. Lee Asher or Jordan Lapping, to recieve as a gift from someone who has a stockpile, like Mr. Kenner or Dan and Dave or to inspect them by opening them and cutting the box to find the year they were printed on a inner flap within the box itself. if any of this is wrong please feel free to correct me.
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    And if They're buy it now, sealed, for much under about $200, they'll probably be fake. There are some red/blue ones right now from china that look real but if you read the description they're plastic. All I'm saying is be vary careful, and don't fall into the trap just because the price us good.
  17. Those red and blue ones from china are the ones im currently bidding on, and i'm really worried because the seller claims they are real jerrys yet that plastic bit you mention in the description plagues me. And they are far too cheap at the moment, $46 for two decks? Even though they are unopened its surprising they don't have a reserve...

    I'm making sure i have saved contact between me and the seller with him stating they are completely genuine, so therefore i have a good case to send them back if not so.

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