Jersey Magic Review: King Rising by Ellusionist (Corey King)

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    Hey yo! It's me--Magic Jonny 8ball! This is my review on King's Rising Levitation by Ellusionist and Corey King.

    Check it out.

    Keep it magic! Keep it real!

  2. Haha! This is a very accurate review. I picked up that Street Package bundle that E started a while back... I thought the levitation might be a good little bonus... I was wrong. Stay away from it, there is never a reason to even attempt that levitation. Keep the reviews comin'! I love 'em! Haha! :)
  3. Your reviews are hilarious bro. Keep it up.
  4. He yo! Glad you guys are enjoying the reviews!

    Keep it magic, keep it real!

    Jonny 8ball

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