Jersey Magic Review: Smoke by Alan Rorrison

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by MagicJonny8Ball, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. Hey yo! It's me--Magic Jonny 8ball! This is my review on Smoke by Alan Rorrison.

    Check it out.

    Keep it magic! Keep it real!

  2. Great review as usual! The only problem I have with smoke is every time I do it I always involuntarily let some smoke come out through my nose... Anybody else do this problem? or is it just me.
  3. Hey yo! Siddarth! Just takes practice, man. I had that happen a couple times too when I was first messing with it. Just practice holding your breath tight and I think you'll be straight, man.

    Keep it magic, keep it real!
  4. does i need to buy any refill ?
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    I don't own smoke, I might pick it up when I have the cash though.

    I just wanted to note that if those are Sergei Lukyanenko's Night watch Series books you're behind, 4 out in English and I believe a 5th to come out sometime. Just looking out.
  6. You are supplied with enough refills to last you 1000 performances (that's what it claims) I have had mine for a little over a month and haven't had to refill mine yet.

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