Jetsetter Playing Cards - Restricted Red Edition

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  1. Classically inspired deck of playing cards for the aviation, travel, and playing card enthusiast. Printed by EPCC. Last year, Paul Ruccio launched his second and most successful deck, the Premier Edition of Jetsetter Playing Cards in the Altitude Blue colorway.

    He printed 2,000 decks and his inventory is on the verge of selling out. The overall reviews of the Premier Edition in Altitude Blue were overwhelmingly positive.

    The new colorway, Restricted Red takes the inspiration from the most secret airline in the United States. This so-called airline transports employees of Area 51 from Las Vegas directly into the highly-guarded top secret facility. Their airplanes are unmarked aside from the bold red stripe down the fuselage. This red stripe influenced the decision to make our next Premier Edition deck in the Restricted Red colorway.

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