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    Hello T11 forums and crew and manymany more people.
    This is my first review and because i am not English or american, my typing might be little bad with grammar mistakes.
    But, let's start anyway.

    The video, like always, is T11 all-known HD quality and excellent sound.

    Joel Paschall
    This is my first product from him and all i have to say is "i want more". Joel truly is a unique and one-of-a-kind T11 artist. He's teaching is very funny but at the same time very helpful.

    Teaching is done quick, but thoroughly. Joel really knows how to teach and also he adds some humour into the video.

    The method is fairly simple and very commonly know but used in small quantity.

    I've done magic for almost a year now and this really is the most cleanest, most angleproof and THE MOST EASYEST control i have ever come across with.
    Definite 10/10.

    Keep it up T11 !
    You rock.
  2. can the spec actually shuffle the deck?
  3. Yes, they can...
  4. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE???????????????
  5. lol^^ to be honest im thinking the same thing, but the preview video shows very little...

    edit: and i dont buy ANYTHING from uncertified, non-theory11 artists from this site.... he has no artist profile, i cant trust him ;)
  6. magic companies rarely show the FULL performance or info because people would figure it idk if i should get it.

    i mean come on.......$5 for a control??? you got to be kidding me Theory11, thats the biggest ripoff. i could get a magic dvd for 20 bucks full of effects or sleights.

    take a look at this daryl card sleight DVD for $30

    look at all those controls and sleights! at theory11 you would pay $30 for only 6 controls. thats pathetic.
  7. I know, the cheapness of 1-on-1s are kind of just psychology.
  8. dont wanna spend 5$ for sleights?
    simple then, DONT
  9. i know, i wont, but i was just try to put things in think its right to sell that for 5 dollars when you can just do a double undercut?
  10. Is this just the Lepaul Fan Control?
  11. This is a legitimate topic.
  12. I would rather spend $30 on ONE control that I would actually use than buy a DVD full of 30 that I will not. With most magic DVD's I buy, I find one or two things on them that I will use. The rest fills the tape. There are obviously exceptions, but this is the case with most of the videos in my collection.

    Quality over quantity. At $4.95, this is a steal. Great video, great move, great instruction. Joel, you're my new hero. Kudos.

  13. Yeah, I agree with you, it's a rip-off.
  14. Nope, they can't shuffle.

    You like it, buy it. Simple. :)
  15. The Sec can shuffle as much as they want and you can still find there card quickly. I just tried this on a friend and she shuffled the deck for what seemed like forever. Handed it back to me I cut it once and her card was on the top.

  16. Hey guys-- it's me. The control is powerful and effective, it's something I think you will really like. You don't have to check it out today but definitely something worth picking up in the future.

    To those that have checked it out and liked what you saw, I have some more 1-on-1's coming up in the future.

    I thank you all!

  17. That's quite possibly the funniest thing I have heard in a while. It is not a rip-off at all. Not even in the slightest. With a Double Undercut, can the spectator shuffle the cards as much as they desire after the card has been replaced, and you instantly regain control? Didn't think so.
  18. Can you use the same idea from this with other replacements or jogs etc?
  19. Yes. You don't necessarily have to use the fan to get the card in the right "position". But fans are awesome, so I'll probably stick to that way most of the time.
  20. Wait, you don't need to actually do the fan? Hm... I might get this, I'm really not a fan of fans.

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