John Bannon's Smoke & Mirrors

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by spoook, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. I searched for a long time for this book as it was out of print. I just wanted to mention the "warehouse" found 3 new copies recently.
    Well it looks like they are down to two now.

    Can't wait to sit down and read with a warm cup of cafe con leche.

    For those who own it, what are your favorite effects from the book?
  2. I know a shop here in Germany where you can buy some copies of the latest reprint.
    I don`t own the book (too much books, not enough time to study them all), although I´m a big Bannon fan.
  3. This book is one of my favorites. I was able to find it a small local magic shop. I really like Bannon's card fold (Creased Lightning) as well as the last trick in the book (whose name escapes me). It is very easy to do, but also hard hitting and gets spectators involved well.
  4. The trick Vicious Rumors from that book is one that I really enjoy.
  5. Book just arrived in the mail. I have thwarted the magic mail thieves again!!!

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