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  1. Hello, time ago I purchased a couple of Ellusionist decks (Ghost and Shadows Master ones), both includes one special joker that it has a prediction on it, one has the Ace of Clubs and the other has the 3 of Diamonds on it.

    Wanted to know if someone knows tips/effects to use that special jokers.

    Sorry for bad English :\
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  2. You can force a card, in this case the Ace of Clubs or Three of Diamonds. Then take the Joker with the selection from your pocket and tell them that you knew they were going to choose that card because you had a Joker holding the card the whole time. Welcome to Theory11
  3. Thanks for the Welcoming, i already though i could try forcing the Joker and having the real 3 of diamonds as a prediction, will give it a try on both ways :)
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  4. Having the joker sealed in an envelope, or rolled up within an orange, will greatly increase the power of the prestige.
  5. an orange? never heard about that
  6. David Blaine did that card in the orange to Harrison Ford.
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  7. Yeah, except it was a signed card, and a borrowed orange (supposedly).
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  8. Show them the regular joker, do a Houdini / Erdnase change and keep rubbing where the prediction is to make the selected card appear on the joker.
  9. Use a regular joker to force a card by having them insert it into the deck. Once they have the card forced on them, it appears on the joker they were holding.

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