Jokers - Yay or Nay?

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Do you keep your jokers in the deck

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. Do you keep your jokers or chuck them out with the ad cards?

    - some tricks need them
    - extra cards in deck

    - don't fit with rest of deck
    - add cards to deck
  2. I usually keep them in the box, but unless they are needed or I want to use them I normally don't take them out with the deck.

    Always nice to have though, Jokers are always good for some smiles :)
  3. I usually chuck em, unless I have a routine planned like the sandwich jokers, but you know you can use any random pair for that trick
  4. Most of the time my decks contain 54 cards unless I lose some cards and believe me I know how to lose cards. I find them like months later. Sometimes in like a packet of different types of cards.
  5. Absolutely. Why wouldn't you?
  6. I too keep my jokers. I don't know why, but the only cards that I have the heart to part with in my decks are the advertisement cards. I think that jokers give the deck a bit more character, you know?

    I mean, especially with decks like Ghost and Guardian. It's all part of a theme, and that's cool with me.

    Shane K.
  7. I keep my jokers, but I leave them seperate from the rest of the deck, except the ones from the Split Spades because they are fantabulous. You can perform some nice tricks with them, such with those of a gaff deck.

  8. I just keep 1 joker.
  9. I like to keep the jokers, they're good for a laugh when you switch someone's card, or in two card monte. It's the last thing they're expecting to be in their hand, and just because they're funny looking it's even better.

    Also in custom decks like the ghosts and guardians the jokers are pretty sweet looking and it'd be a shame to leave them out
  10. thx guys for ur input i myself have a large collection of jokers enought to make a whole deck in fact but i keep them with my card stash unless i am using my E decks and guardians as i liek the design
  11. Yeh i keep em in.
  12. I keep them around to practice TnR effects, sign up, and just abuse.
  13. Yeah, I use it to perform See-Saw, by Dan Harlan. The jokers help prevent me from ruining the rest of my deck.

  14. Yeah, I love using Jokers in 2CM, and I love using my Ghost Jokers in switches sometimes.

    I'm working on a little silly theme routine for Hallowwn that involves the Ghost Jokers, should be loads of fun :D
  15. David Blaines Split Spades Jokers are possibly the greatest Jokers ever seen to my eyeballs. Amazing.
  16. heres a pic guys if you aren't sure what they are like [​IMG]
  17. I pretty much always keep 'em in. They're good for patter like: "I always thought jokers were useless but they can actualy find cards" etc. And ofcourse they're very handy to sneak gaffs in and out.
  18. yeh never thought of using them that way

    ' oh whoops i have left the jokers in by mistake' *take jokers plus gimmick*
  19. I keep mine since there's many tricks which I know that involves jokers and they're very mysterious to magic since you can say "They're wild cards." I dunno I like to say that in my performances if someone picks a joker but yes I keep mine in. Also since the Guardian Jokers are so nice why wouldn't you? ;)


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